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When it comes to quick weeknight meals, comfort and efficiency is key. One pot recipes are serious timesavers that hardly ever compromise on taste – soups being all the same! So, this time around, we’re turning to another kitchen staple for inspiration: blenders. Check out our favorite recipes – like this cauliflower soup with herbed goat cheese – which can all be made in the comfort of this must-have appliance!

Fresh tomatoes call for a zesty bowl of soup, preferably paired with a side of grilled cheese. Recreate this five-ingredient version with roasted veggies and a blender!
Carrots, onions, and a splash of curry complete this healthy detox soup that’s both vibrant and bursting with flavor. 
This invigorating, ten-ingredient soup is composed of a posy of flavorful herbs combined with split peas, miso, and coconut cream. Puree to silky smooth perfection in a blender, and heat up to serve. 

Cream of Corn Soup This vegan-based soup features corn, avocados, and coconut milk combined with garlic, Sriracha, and fresh basil leaves. It hardly gets any more refreshing than this.

This one-pot, blender recipe fuses yogurt with a bundle of fresh greens, garlic, and a bit of parmesan for a complementary cheesy bite.

Shrimp Chowder This creamy blend features deep hints of nutmeg and marjoram combined with an assortment of fresh veggies and shrimp!

Butternut Squash Soup with Coconut and Ginger We’re loving this flavorful take on the classic butternut squash soup featuring fresh ginger, coconut cream, and a splash of white wine.

Chilled Strawberry and Coconut Soup Dessert that comes in the form of soup is something we can definitely get behind. This sweet combo comes with a blend of fresh strawberries, vanilla yogurt, and a ginger spice medley.

Tuscan Tomato White Bean Soup Elevated with the bold and fragrant flavors of rosemary, this decadent concoction boasts a flavorful broth base, a spicy kick of pepper flakes, and even a little shredded cheese!

Vegan Masala Carrot Soup Aside from being oh-so-vibrantly colorful, this savory mix invites a unique combo of bold flavors sourced from coconut cream and gram masala.