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We do love our quinoa, at any and every time of the day. We also love when we can make a giant batch of it at the beginning of the week and then have a variety of different dishes to rotate over the next few days when spending tons of time in the kitchen is not an option. Leftover fatigue won’t be a problem when you give these recipes a try; there’s a wide spectrum of different flavors and spices, from Italian to Cajun to sweet tooth-satisfying. These quinoa recipes will become the bread and butter of your meal planning and can cut down on the time you spend standing in front of the stove.

salmon quinoa cakes A great meal that can be made with leftover salmon as well as leftover quinoa, this is a fun dish to serve at a dinner party too. Hearty enough for guests who feel like every meal requires a double dose of protein, these cakes are awesome for topping a salad, serving as sliders, or simply getting tucked into a sandwich or wrap with veggies.

quinoa pancakes Give yourself a little morning “oomph” by adding some cooked quinoa into a beloved breakfast staple: pancakes! This no-fuss recipe isn’t any more complicated than basic pancake recipes, but the addition of quinoa will keep you full longer. We’ll be adding berries and perhaps a few chocolate chips into the mix to make it even more delectable.

cajun shrimp quinoa casserole Quinoa may not be a traditional N’awlins ingredient, but it makes for a protein-packed base for a delicious casserole. We love this dish for its full flavor and easy prep; it comes together in 30 minutes if you use leftover quinoa.

quinoa and spinach stuffed tomatoes If you think you’ll get tired of eating quinoa leftovers for days, give these yummy stuffed tomatoes a whirl. Quinoa gets a taste upgrade with spinach, parsley, and garlic, then it is baked in hollowed out tomatoes before receiving a sprinkling of cheese. We’ll be craving these as long as ripe tomatoes are still available.

broccoli cheddar quinoa bites Getting our veggies in every day can be struggle. And since adults can put up as much of a fight as kids, we’re pretty excited about these crunchy, cheese broccoli cheddar quinoa bites. If you do have little ones around, they will love shaping the mixture into balls (and then hopefully digging in once these gems are on the table).

peanut butter and chocolate chip quinoa bars If you or a member of your family isn’t a fan of quinoa’s natural, earthy flavor, this recipe is for you. We’re not above masking quinoa with creamy peanut butter, luscious honey, and perennial flavor favorite chocolate to make a healthy bar that everyone will be reaching for. Bake sale, anyone?

black bean, feta, and quinoa wrap By midweek our inspiration to find a new and innovative recipe is pretty low, so we’ll be using this wrap as a guide. Quinoa makes a great, satisfying filling for wraps, burritos, empanadas, basically anything that can be stuffed! This particular version uses black beans and feta as well as an avocado and tahini dip you’ll want to spread on everything, but use your fridge and your pantry as your guide. The quinoa will taste great in combination with roasted or veggies, hummus, eggs, and a variety of cheeses.

breakfast bowl Another “recipe” that is endlessly adaptable. This one incorporates poached eggs, spinach, cherry tomatoes, and Sriracha mayo, but we have also mixed quinoa with pesto, popped in a few random roasted sweet potatoes, and served it with tofu scramble. We love it sweet as well, drizzled with maple syrup and tossed with sautéed apples and pears. Don’t be afraid to clean out your fridge for this type of dish. You can make it for lunch or dinner as well: add shredded carrots or beets, leftover cooked protein, and any dressing or sauce you might have on hand or can easily whip up.

quinoa chocolate pudding No one will ever guess there’s quinoa in this delicious, date and maple syrup sweetened concoction. It’s the perfect and substantive sweet treat, and you can easily size down the recipe if you find you don’t have much quinoa left to use up. All you need is a blender for this simple recipe; the quinoa will naturally thicken up in the fridge, giving a comforting and familiar treat a healthier spin.

roasted cauliflower, mushroom, and goat cheese quiche with quinoa crust Did you jump on the cauliflower crust bandwagon? Now’s the time to try a crust alternative using quinoa instead! The crust is made from cooked quinoa, eggs, and some parmesan and looks gorgeous when baked. Although the combo of cauliflower, mushroom, and goat cheese looks like an absolute winner, you can fill this quiche with your favorite ingredients. A beautiful dish to bring to a potluck or harvest party.