Published on March 16, 2016

shitake quinoa salad

The secret to perfecting quinoa? Making it in a rice cooker. Featuring a brown sugar dressing, this elevated blend is how we prefer to take our salads.

ribs and rice

This hearty dish features marinated ribs paired with a ginger, garlic, and shitake mushroom rice base. 

rice cooker pancakes

For those who prefer their pancakes with a bit more fluff, try this sponge cake-inspired take!

poached fruit

Pair fruit with a bottle of red in a rice cooker for a sweet and poached effect. Serve with a generous scoop of ice cream and fresh berries!

dynamite california roll ehomaki

Making sushi at home wouldn’t be the same without the signature rice. Luckily, I am a food blog, has everything you need to know to make it yourself. 

taco soup

Switch things up on Taco Tuesday with this hearty, soup-based version of the classic. 

chicken miso soup

A ginger and miso loaded soup that more or less embodies comfort food at its finest. 

spanish rice with chicken and shrimp

This protein-rich mix is loaded with fresh veggies and features hints of a deliciously hearty broth.

quinoa salad with hazelnuts and apples

This refreshingly simple salad is full of flavor and about as healthy as it gets. 

mac and cheese

Mac and cheese that practically makes itself is always a must in our book.

carrot cake

Baking cake in a rice cooker? See how this clever blogger did it!

balsamic dijon chicken

Marinated in a dijon and balsamic vinegar blend, this sweet and savory recipe yields an utterly delicious and tender cut of chicken. 


Standing over a pot of oatmeal in the morning isn’t our idea of a good breakfast. This version pretty much does all the work for you.