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It’s a fact that sushi lovers will never turn down a fresh roll or assortment of sashimi, but since Sushirrito launched in 2011, our eyes have been opened to a slew of different ways we can enjoy our favorite meal. Now, we can devour sushi in burrito, burger, bowl, pizza, and sandwich form—to name a few! Keep reading to discover 18 recipes and restaurants you need to add to your list.

brown rice sushi slider with teriyaki tofu

These bite-sized burgers feel less massive—and easier to pass around as an appetizer—than larger burgers on the scene. And as always, Cooking Light has our back and crafted an impressively tasty and healthy recipe.

vegan and vegetarian sushi

Don’t eat fish? Not a problem, thanks to Beyond Sushi. With four locations in New York City, it’s easy to get your sushi fix with all plant-based ingredients that feature unique flavor combinations. (Our favorite is the La Fiesta roll!)

sushi sandwich

Once you know how to make and roll your own sushi, forming different shapes, like this sandwich, is a piece of cake.

candy dessert sushi

Whether or not you’re a fan of sushi, there’s no denying that it’s visually pleasing. Combine your brightly-colored sweet and sour candy, yummy rice crispy treats, favorite chocolate bars, frosting, sprinkles, and more to create the cutest dessert sushi EVER. And yes, that is Fruit Roll Up used in lieu of seaweed.

chicken katsu sushi burger

A spin on a type of traditional Japanese sandwich, this sushi burger—made with breaded and fried chicken—blows your usual roll out of the water.

spicy tuna crispy rice burger

Not really a make-it-yourself type of eater? Not to worry. Roppongi Asian Tapas Bar & Sushi located in West Hollywood makes a decadent spicy tuna burger that is making us want to add a few spicy tuna rolls to our Seamless cart, extra spicy mayo included.

the sushi burrito

Thankfully, the sushi-burrito hybrid isn’t available solely in the San Francisco area. There are three (yes, THREE!) delicious restaurants in the D.C. metro area that will satiate you your sushirrito fix and more. You have immediate permission to start drooling over Buredo, Maki Shop, and Rolls By U.

nutella and banana sushi

Sushi doesn’t have to be made with traditional ingredients. Try this dessert sushi created with three simple ingredients in just four easy steps. All you need is a tortilla or wrap, banana, and Nutella. Don’t say we didn’t warn you (this recipe is addictive).

sushi pizza with miso ginger dressing

Sushi pizza might never be able to replace your regular slice (because, cheese), but it will provide a mouthwatering, healthier culinary experience. Experiment with different toppings to find what flavor combinations you like best.

the sushirrito

Meet the original not-in-roll-form way to eat sushi. Now with five locations in the San Francisco area, it would be a mistake to visit the city and not try its trendiest sushi-burrito.

sushi cones

Technically called Temaki, these sushi cones from Uma Temakeria come from the home of New York City’s very first sushi burrito. Bonus: You can design your own custom roll.

strawberry-banana frushi

Frushi, fruit sushi! Swap traditional rice for sweet Rice Krispies, Nutella for Nori, and your favorite fish for refreshing strawberries and bananas. This might just be the most fun (and healthiest!) dessert EVER.

dynamite plant power sushi bowls

Your average sushi bowl is more or less poke, save plant-based bowls like this one from Pinch of Yum. Supersize your dose of nutritious tofu and avocado for a healthy, delectable meal.

mason jar sushi

Further proof you can place any combination of ingredients into a Mason Jar and feel instantly cooler and more accomplished. See step-by-step instructions (photos included!) at Spoon University.

sushi cake

We have little idea how this specific cake was constructed, but we imagine that under those layers of sashimi you’ll find layers of rice, spicy tuna, hopefully avocado, and maybe even seaweed.

(See more cakes made of things other than cake here!)

tuna salad sandwich sushi

Another out-of-the-box way to eat sushi is to roll up your other favorite stuff in the shape of it! A prime example: This tuna salad sandwich rolled to look like your fave spicy tuna roll.

paleo sushi

Sushi isn’t exactly paleo friendly (because rice), so Cooking Light hacked your fave lunch staple and made it with cauliflower rice instead. Thank you doesn’t even begin to cut it.

sushi s’mores

Watch a genius video (by Tastemade, natch) showing you exactly how to make our new go-to dessert. Seriously who needs a campfire when you have this?