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You may have seen these giant, bulbous green fruits in the produce aisle. Do not be afraid and dive in with one of these amazing recipes.

papaya rolls compote

The most beautiful roll-ups we’ve ever laid our eyes on.

ginger papaya smoothie

Perfect for a hot morning, this smoothie wakes up your system with a hit of ginger with a balance of gentle papaya. Hello, world!

turmeric and papaya cake

Deviate from the norm and serve this beauty up instead of the expected strawberry cheesecake.

papaya-lime soup with strawberries

Here’s a soup you can actually take to a patio party or backyard barbecue!

green papaya with pork rib soup

Papaya and carrot flowers in soup are good luck. Just ask us.

papaya and coconut milk ice cream

Can’t do dairy? Scream for this vegan ice cream! (Especially with papaya!)

papaya mousse

Cashew nuts make this papaya mousse fluffy and chock-full of protein.

pistachio pavlovas with papaya curd and fresh raspberries

These fluffy, gorgeous clouds of heaven are only made tastier by papaya curd. Our mouths are watering.

papaya doughnuts

No dough here. Still amazingly yummy.

papaya shortbread 

Enjoy this vegan treat with a cup of joe (hot or iced)!

fresh ahi poke stack with papaya avocado and sriracha whipped cream drizzle

Hawaiian poke is all the rage right now and with good reason. Not sure if you like it? Stack it with papaya and a creamy drizzle, and never look back.

papaya relish 

Making relish is a DIY that is as delicious as it is fun. This colorful variation is a perfect Sunday activity.

papaya lime jam

Tired of the ol’ strawberry or grape jams? So are your biscuits and scones! Treat them to this tropical take.

tropical papaya boats

Not only do you get to skip dishwashing, but you’ll impress breakfast guests when you master the art of the papaya boat.

smoothie bowl with papaya, orange, mango, and bee pollen 

Acai bowls? Who needs ‘em when you’ve got these babies? Yum! (We’re kidding, acai bowls. We still love you a lot.)

papaya and halloumi salad

Papaya perfectly complements meaty, hearty halloumi cheese. Mmm.

dried papaya spears

Go beyond the potato with these “chips.”

papaya lox with lemon cream cheese

Vegan lox bagels? Don’t mind if we do!

spicy mango, papaya, and cabbage slaw

You now know what you’re bringing to every picnic on your summer calendar. You’re welcome.

eggless papaya banana honey muffins

You know what they say: it ain’t breakfast without muffins. Someone says that right?

green papaya salad

Getting plenty of fiber and veggies is actually exciting thanks to the fish sauce and limes in this sweet and sour salad.

hawaiian papaya seed dressing

This papaya seed dressing goes great over papaya. (That’s not weird, is it?)

papaya gazpacho

It ain’t summertime without a good gazpacho to nosh on.

quinoa summer rolls with thai peanut sauce

Cancel all your lunch plans and just pack this refreshing meal every day. P.S. We love the idea of papaya noodles!

thai pork and papaya brown rice bowls

Tired of running to the taco takeout place for quick and easy dinners? Shake things up with this hearty recipe.

watermelon papaya rum smoothie

A smoothie with rum? This summer (and happy hour) just got way more interesting.

paletas de papaya

Cold, fresh Mexican popsicles are just what the doctor (or summer) ordered.

thai fish burgers with green mango & papaya slaw

Mix your love for Thai food with your love for burgers with these colorful sandwiches!

papaya lemon curd

Tea time gets funky with this take on traditional lemon curd.

roasted maple papaya 

Longing for fall already? This papaya comfort food might do the trick.

papaya salsa

This super-spicy and pungent salsa is not for the faint of heart, but it is delightful for those who dare.

raw strawberry papaya ice cream tart

This bright and beautiful tart is perfect for your next baby shower, bridal luncheon, or even as a bachelorette starter.

papaya bliss jar with raw oat teff porridge

Who doesn’t want a fruity, creamy treat first thing in the morning? The “bliss jar” is full of good-for-you ingredients and should be made before bed.

papaya colada

Go ahead, indulge in this pretty orange cocktail. When’s the last time you had any kind of colada?