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by Michelle Gage

We often think of the old standards when choosing to trick out our bars and bar carts. Our minds immediately go to the obvious needs of having and hosting. We gather the wine and cocktail glasses, the alcohol, the coasters, the paper straws. Think about adding a decanter to your entertaining station. Wine enthusiasts will be simply thrilled to have a glass of whatever your bar is serving up.

Decanters are traditionally used as vessels for serving wine. While that is “the norm,” decanters can also be used to serve liquors, such as cognac and whiskey. These vessels come in all different shapes and sizes, making it rare to come across the same one twice. Some shapes are a little more common, though there are plenty of unexpected options. Whether you are shopping for a gift or for yourself, we’ve got that bar covered. We’ve wrangled up some of the best around, giving you the best chances of impressing your guests!

Impress guests with this stunning shape. This vessel is just what your bottle-dominated bar needs.

Give this great glass decanter as a gift. Anyone on the receiving end would be thrilled with the thought.

A uniquely shaped vessel is totally fun and unexpected. Envision serving guests (or yourself) a little wine from this unconventional shape!

A decanter with a little etching on the outside instantly gives your bar a vintage vibe. Pick one inscribed with your beverage of choice and store your favorite spirit inside.

Add an instant collection to your bar. This speckled glass trio gets the job done.

This sleek shape is perfect for your small apartment’s bar cart. Save on space by choosing a decanter that has a smaller footprint.

This round funky shape appears to have hopped right off the pages of a Dr. Seuss book!

This sophisticated vessel takes on a stellar shape. We would totally take a glass of anything this decanter was serving.

Add a little red wine to your dining room’s decanter. If you are hosting, place this perfect piece in the table’s center for all to see.

A little leather goes a long way! Choose this glass decanter, complete with a rich leather detailing, if you are looking to add a little touch of masculinity to your drinking station.

Whether you have a hankering for gin, scotch, or bourbon, have all of your needs met with this collection.

This bulbous shape is perfectly suited to hold any liquid of your choice. Add the wine of your choosing and let the celebration begin!

Positioned as a bedside carafe, we can’t complain about its intended home. Sit this small white set up on your nightstand for an instant evening cocktail.

This dotted decanter adds a touch of glass and class to any bar cart it inhabits.

Got a roommate who can’t keep their paws off of your drink? May we suggest sending them a very clear message?

Why not let your decanters in on a trending topic! This trio features etched white malachite patterns at their bases.

These sleek stripes add interest to otherwise fairly standard decanters.

Skip the boring shapes and go for something a little less expected. This bottom heavy shape has you set up for success.

This gilded collection of decanters adds an instant touch of glam to your bar or bar cart. A crosshatched collection of various shapes, that are this regal, are sure to make any guests jealous!

We are all about this wide shape! Outfitted with a leather strap, we can’t think of a cooler look.

This muddied tone is perfect for your Gatsby-themed party!

Looking a lot like a lab bottle, this opaque white decanter is the perfect gift for the intellect in the family.

Give the woman who gave you life an easy way to get am end-of-day drink. There is no mistaking who this gift should go to.

A round glass stopper sits perfectly atop this simple shape. Styled with a brown leather strap, this decanter looks seriously chic.

Add an interesting decanter shape to your alcohol collection. Sneak this sucker right in for instant bar cart appeal.

A sophisticated swirl dances around this decanter. Skip the standard designs and select something a little bit more chic.

Better get the bourbon! Stock up on your favorite adult beverage to always ensure that your vessel always stays full. Guests will love the novelty etching on this decanter’s exterior.

This traditional style is one that could serve us up some wine any evening!

Deck out your bar with this darling decanter. Put your best foot forward by outfitting your bar with a classic.