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Often times, planning a get-together can feel like more of a hassle than not. Figuring out which napkins to put out, whether or not you’ve purchased enough food and alcohol, and lighting that will create the right ambience can start to feel a little overwhelming. Lucky for us (and for you), when in doubt, we to turn to our Domino editors to help us find the way. Click through the slideshow ahead to see some of their favorite entertaining must haves.

Jessica Dailey, Digital Editorial Director

Potter’s Workshop Dip Bowls, West Elm, $12

“Fun small bowls for serving snacks and candies. I love to buy different dishes while traveling, but West Elm also has a nice selection of patterned bowls. I have one from their Potter’s Workshop collection.”


Alyssa Clough, Social Media Editor

Bamboo and Corn Salad Glass, Merci, $32.19

“Whenever guests are over at my apartment, I always offer water. The last time I was in Paris, I picked up a set of six cups at Merci, and they’re perfect. (These are similar!) They’re easy to wash, unbreakable, and the color palette is great.”

Lahaina Alcantara, Digital Photo Editor

Mimi Napkins, Caroline Z Hurley, $70

“Linen Napkins like these ones from Caroline Z Hurley are a must have. Cloth napkins visually elevate even the simplest meal with friends. They are worth the extra laundry!”


Alex Redgrave, Executive Editor

Boja Floor Lamp, Ikea, $59.99; What?! William Onyeabor Album, Barnes & Noble, $13.82

“Good olives to start, a William Onyeabor album, a fun tablecloth and/or napkins (my mum bought me these funny little napkins with birds wearing sombreros embroidered on them. They’ve become a summer staple and always a hit with guests), mini tonic bottles for individual G&TS, and one bottle of wine per person in the fridge. If this is a weekend party; low lighting (this Ikea lamp casts pretty patterns on the wall); dishes that can be shared or don’t require too much fuss. Break bread at the table and serve mussels with a common discarded shell pot, and last but not least, furniture that can be pushed aside once it’s time to dance.”

Nikhita Mahtani, Digital Editor

Lente Tumbler Glass, Mario Luca Giusti, $17

“Fun, thick glasses or tumblers that won’t break easily.”