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mesmerizing recipes almost a shame to to eat

creations so beautiful, they fear the fork.

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Dalmatian Fig Tart How could you corrupt those perfectly placed figs?!

Grapefruit Panna Cotta  It’s almost criminal what a spoon would do to these pristine surfaces.

Arabian Inspired Brown Sugar Pavlova Shh…just appreciate the artistry.

Egyptian Lentil Soup I mean, they nailed that Instagram.

Cherry & Lychee Jubilee  Almost abstract in nature, the colors compliment each other and promise deliciousness.

Almond Cake with Lemon Curd and Rose Cream A curd of lemon, a cream of rose, all beckoning to you from afar. But once you cut into this beauty, the (visual) moment is lost.

Mexican Chocolate Cake With Tequila & Lime We don’t even know where to start.

Blood Orange Shortbread Cookies The beautiful part about stunning cookies is that there are so many of them. Take one (or two) without disrupting the photo.

Chocolate Stout Cake A bit out of season, but how beautiful would this look on your holiday dessert table next year?

Chocolate Drenched, Almond Sprinkled Mandarin Slices We may never go back to chocolate covered strawberries ever again.

Vanilla Olive Oil Cake It almost looks covered in confetti, doesn’t it?