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photography by   NINA CHOI styling by   ELAINA SULLIVAN

Designers have a new crush… on candy. The latest confections are almost too gorgeous to eat. “I use candy as centerpieces for all my parties,” Cynthia Rowley says of her Curious Candy collection.

1 GEISHA WHITE TEA DRIED CHERRY ROSE WATER CHOCOLATE $19.79/box of six, phillipashleychocolates.com   2 STRAWBERRY MARSHMALLOW $9/bag, bottegalouie.com 3 PICCOLINI by Sugarfina  4 CHOCOLATE PEANUTS $8/box, bottegalouie.com   5 STRAWBERRY HARD CANDY $12.99/pound, sockerbit.com  6 NEW YORK, NY BONBON by Stick With Me Sweets 7 LOOSE ROCK CANDY (available in store)$14/pound, dylanscandybar.com   8 CELEBRATION SPARKLE LOLLIPOP$15/set of six, sweetcarolineconfections.com  9 COOKIES & CREAM CHOCOLATE PYRAMID by Over the Moon Sweets 10 KYOTO BLOSSOMS by Sugarfina  11 SPICED CARAMEL APPLE CHOCOLATE$15/box of six, elbowchocolates.com  12 SOUR GUMMY BEARS $20/box, curiouscandy.com  ASSORTED DISHES abchome.com  WALLPAPER Bosky Toile by Eskayel eskayel.com

“They’re so beautiful,people often confuse them with jewelry, but they’re totally edible.” – ROSIE O’NEILL, CO-FOUNDER OF SUGARFINA

1 PALET D’OR CHOCOLATE $18/box of nine, bottegalouie.com  2 LICORICE ROLL $12.99/pound, sockerbit.com  3 LICORICE PEBBLES by Sugarfina  4 CHAMPAGNE CHIC TRUFFLE $12/box of four, chocolatmoderne.com  5 MARZIPAN TRUFFLE $25/box of 10, compartes.com  6 MARBLE CHOCOLATE LIP $42/box of nine, maggielouiseconfections.com  7 LAKRIFUN LICORICE CHALKS $12.99/pound, sockerbit.com  8 “YOU ROCK” CHOCOLATE CHARM BOX $48/box of 16, maggielouiseconfections.com  9 PLATINUM BLING RING by Sugarfina 10 FLEUR DE SEL CARAMEL CHOCOLATE $15/box of six, elbowchocolates.com  11 COOKIES & CREAM CHOCOLATE PYRAMID by Over the Moon Sweets 12 NICE & NEAT PRICHARD’S DOUBLE-BARRELED BOURBON CHOCOLATE $19.79/box of six, phillipashleychocolates.com  13 BLACK AND WHITE CHOCOLATES $48/box of 36, maggielouiseconfections.com GRID WALLPAPER in black by ferm living

“Each bonbon’s color and design is inspired by its flavor and the name of the flavor.”– CHEF SUSANNA YOON, OWNER AND FOUNDER OF STICK WITH ME SWEETS

1 SPICED PUMPKIN CARAMEL CHOCOLATE $15/box of six, elbowchocolates.com  2 KYOTO BLOSSOMS by Sugarfina  3 NAGA EXOTIC TRUFFLE by Vosges Chocolates 4 SPRING AWAKENING DARK CHOCOLATE/MIXED BERRIES BAR $9.95 compartes.com  5 CONSTELLATION CHOCOLATE $28/box of nine, maggielouiseconfections.com  6 LOOSE ROCK CANDY (available in store) $14/pound, dylanscandybar.com  7 PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY BONBON by Stick With Me Sweets  8 BUDAPEST EXOTIC TRUFFLE by Vosges Chocolates 9 COOKIES & CREAM CHOCOLATE PYRAMID by Over the Moon Sweets  10 COLORFUL KALEIDOSCOPE CHOCOLATE MARBLE$48/box of 16, maggielouiseconfections.com  12 ITALIAN LEMON FRUITTINI by Sugarfina 15 JEWEL TONES CHOCOLATE $85/box of 25, maggielouiseconfections.com  13 BLACK LICORICE BRIDGE MIX $20/box, curiouscandy.com  14 VERO BONBON by Stick With Me Sweets  BLUE DISH prophaus.com  DRAWING ROOM BLUE PAINT $8/sample pot, us.farrow-ball.com