Published on February 8, 2016

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If you’ve opened up a food magazine this winter or been on…you know, the internet, you know that people are going bonkers for babka! Here are 10 variations on the delicious cake.

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chocolate challah babka

Mmmm, we love a classic chocolate babka. Dark chips make this one oh-so decadent. 

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Photography by THE SUGAR HIT

cinnamon almond babka

Cinnamon is another traditional babka flavor. This particular recipe is crumbly and crunchy, thanks to the streusel and almonds. 

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Photography by JERRY JAMES STONE

sticky caramel pecan babka

Why are pecans so darn tasty?! This recipe feels like a holiday at Grandma’s house. 

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Photography by SHANNON SARNA

pumpkin spice babka

Sure, we’re in the dead of winter, but that’s no reason to quit pumpkin spice. If you’re missing the tastes of fall, look no further than this recipe.

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Photography by KELLY BRISSON

hazelnut vanilla bean babka

Brioche dough and a crazy hazelnut vanilla bean filling make this recipe a standout player. 

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Photography by MOLLY YEH

nutella babka

Of course. OF COURSE Nutella tastes amazing in babka. Um, we’ll take five (loaves). 

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Photography by SOUTHERN FATTY

peaches & cream sweet babka

Put a little south in your mouth! This recipe is an amazing go-to for breakfast, especially when you’ve got guests to impress.

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white chocolate cranberry babka

Because white chocolate deserves some love, try making this super fluffy babka. The cranberries are a beautiful touch!

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Photography by FIX FEAST FLAIR

matcha black sesame babka

Time for the oddball of the bunch! If you usually skip coffee in the morning and go for the green stuff, try making this funky variation. 

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Photography by BROWN EYED BAKER

apricot cream cheese babka

You really can never go wrong with cream cheese. Add a crumbly topping, and we’ve just died and gone to heaven. 


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