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For a holiday that prides itself on tradition, a few recipe tweaks and flavor updates are always welcome. We rounded up a few mouthwatering combos to inspire your table this year.

thai pumpkin soup With an exotic blend of Thai-inspired ingredients, including coconut milk and cinnamon, this hearty bowl of pumpkin soup is sure to be a hit.

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fennel and apricot stuffing

Switch it up this year with a bold mix of these flavorful ingredients.

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roasted brussels sprouts with honey vinegar

Rethink these veggies with a sweet honey and vinegar mix, and an unexpected kick of spice. Feeling brave? Throw in a handful of diced bacon.

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slice of heaven cornbread 

True to its name, this mouthwatering combo features crispy bacon, caramelized onions, and a hint of spice.

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chipotle quinoa, sweet potato tacos with pomegranate salsa

Tacos and Thanksgiving may not seem like a traditional pair, but this seasonally-sourced combo definitely deserves a spot on our table.

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dijon, maple, green bean salad

Skip the green bean casserole and opt for this decadent combo featuring bacon and feta.

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cranberry sauce

Rethink this classic with a savory twist and a hint of sweet pear.

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cranberry scone

Swap these winter berries into your go-to muffin or scone recipe.

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banana leaf turkey

When it comes to cooking this Thanksgiving staple, the methods are about as traditional as they get. Whether you prefer a dry rub or brine – roasting versus smoking, stuffed or not – the classic approach could use an update.

This Mexican-inspired technique involves wrapping the turkey in banana leaves, an as ode to an ancient technique. It also comes with a delicious chorizo, pecan, apple, and corn bread stuffing!

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sriracha gravy.

This clever blend of an indulgent side and an infamous condiment certainly deserves a spot at the table.

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moroccan-spiced carrot and chickpea salad

For the table that could always use a bit more color, we’re all for this vibrant bunch of roasted heirloom carrots, plus a generous mix of exotic spices.

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harissa carrot salad

Prefer your carrots with a little crunch? Opt for this raw combo instead!

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baked potato casserole

Consider it the best of both worlds, and rethink this turkey day staple that comes with a crispy, cheesy top.

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sweet potato casserole 

Skip the marshmallows and opt for a decadent pecan, brown sugar crumble instead.

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apple pie with a cheddar crust

Apple pie is about as traditional as it gets. Change it up with a savory cheese crust that just may become your new favorite.

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gingersnap pumpkin pie

Candied pumpkin seeds or a gingersnap cookie-based crust? We can’t decide which we love the most.

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