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mediterranean grilled chicken and roasted red pepper pizza with feta and balsamic glaze

This sweet, salty, and savory pizza will certainly be a treat for your tastebuds.

naked pizza with basil and garlic

If you’re cheese and marinara adverse, think naked pizza. It also makes a stellar appetizer.

mushroom pizza with havarti cheese, fresh herbs, and white truffle oil

Any recipe involving truffle oil is bound to be a repeat offender in the kitchen.

grilled pizza with corn and prosciutto

You don’t have to throw this on the grill, but you CAN.

greek pizza

Who needs a Greek salad when you can eat a Greek pizza?

spinach artichoke pizza

Like the creamy dip, but with cheese, on top of a pizza. Yes, dreams do come true.

mexican pizza

Bored of Taco Tuesday? Put your fave toppings on a pizza, instead.

shrimp scampi pizza

Yep, your favorite pasta dish tastes just as good on a pizza.

naan pizza with berries

These simple, but rich flavors make for the perfect dessert.

tater tot breakfast pizza

Yes, the crust is made completely out of tater tots. Breakfast lovers, rejoice!

banh mi pizza with smoked pork belly

Pork belly is a must.

grilled philly cheesesteak pizza

Proof you really can top a pizza with just about any of your other favorite dishes.

cookies and creme dessert pizza

It takes less than 30 minutes to whip up this cookies and creme cookie cake, but let’s be honest. It looks so delicious we would make it even if it took 3 hours.

roasted vegetable pizza with vegan béchamel and buckwheat flour crust

Because health nuts love pizza, too.

sushi pizza with miso ginger dressing

There’s regular sushi, the sushi burrito, and now sushi pizza. Rolls? Slices? Same-same.

charred brussels sprout pizza with browned sage butter

Charred brussels sprouts, pesto, provolone, fontina, prosciutto, AND sage butter? We’re in love.

zucchini and roasted sweet corn provolone phyllo pizza with truffle oil

Those chunks of fresh provolone have us seeing stars (and you already know how we feel about truffle oil)…

apple and caramelized onion pizza with pumpkin seed pangrattato

Sounds like fall, tastes like fall. (Bonus points for caramelizing your onions with pumpkin beer.)

bbq chicken pizza

You just can’t beat a good BBQ chicken pizza.

cherry tomato pizza

Just add cherry tomatoes and mozzarella. (Seriously, that’s really it.)

pesto pizza with kale and goat cheese

Swap a beet paste for your average marinara sauce and prepare to be amazed.

pulled pork pizza

Jalapeños included.

fig and prosciutto pizza with balsamic drizzle

Really, is there anything better than the combination of fig, prosciutto, balsamic, and mozzarella?

roasted garlic chicken pizza

If smelling like garlic for weeks is wrong, we don’t want to be right.

skinny avocado pizza

Even lighter pizzas still taste delicious. And yes, that is puff pastry AND avocado sauce.

pretzel crust pizza

Yeah, yeah, cauliflower crust pizza is cool. But pretzel crust pizza? Get. In. Our. Bellies.

pizza with pumpkin and sage sauce, pancetta, and blue cheese

We know what you’re thinking… Pumpkin pizza? Trust us, give it a try and you won’t regret it.

three cheese pesto spinach flatbread pizza

Parmesan, mozzarella, feta. Mic drop.

fruit pizza

Fruit pizza isn’t cheese pizza, but it’s pretty, tasty, and healthy, so we’ll take it.

spanako pizza

This pizza is inspired by the Greek pastry, spanakopita. It’s not as scary as it sounds!

grilled grape brie and arugula flatbread pizza

Grapes are an unlikely topping, but when paired with brie, everything just makes sense.

monster cookie pizza

Pizza doesn’t have to be savory—it can be sweet, too! This monster cookie base with a thick, creamy frosting is bound to be a hit.

classic pizza

For those times when you’re simply craving some classic, cheese pizza.

pear, prosciutto, and gorgonzola pizza

Read the ingredients and tell us you’re not salivating!

deep dish pizza

Chicago deep dish is like a thick pie of pizza that we love to indulge in (every so often).

blt +grilled peach pizza with jalapeño honey and gorgonzola

A lesson in mixing sweet fruity flavors with spicy jalapeño and savory bacon.

arugula pesto, fresh tomato and mozzarella pizza with whole wheat crust

This thin crust pan pizza tastes as good as it looks (and it looks GOOD cut into diamond slices).

brussels sprouts and pancetta pizza

If you’ve never had egg on your pizza, you’re missing out.

grilled lobster and corn pizza with goat cheese and fresh tomatoes

Though best enjoyed outside on a porch (or beach), don’t wait to try this savory pizza until summertime.

meat lover’s pizza

This recipe calls for pepperoni, sausage, AND bacon.

cinnamon streusel dessert pizza

Dessert pizza holds a special place in our hearts. This recipe is easy to make and is made of mostly sugar, so naturally we’re huge fans.

white pizza

The ingredients for the perfect white pizza? Fresh mozzarella, garlic, and olive oil.

thai chicken pizza

The ingredients for the spicy peanut sauce alone! We’re talking ginger, honey, sesame oil, and oyster sauce.

jamaican jerk chicken pizza

The Spicy Southern Kitchen is an expert at making California Pizza Kitchen-inspired pizzas from scratch—and this is one of our faves.

cast iron pizza

Waiting for the dough to rise will be worth the wait.

honey chili veggie pizza with lemon

Veggie pizza = BORING. But sauce and cheese-less veggie pizza with honey AND chili? We love it.

vegan harvest pizza with cashew cheese

A healthy, vegan alternative packed with fresh veggies and your favorite non-dairy cheese.

brussels sprout and delicata pizza with hazelnut, goat cheese, and honey

Delicata squash and hazelnuts make this seasonal pizza a standout.

einkorn neapolitan pizza margherita

Not familiar with einkorn flour? Time to try something new.

caramelized onion, bacon, and spinach pizza

It has spinach on it, so it’s healthy, right?