Published on July 31, 2015

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Photography by Modern Granola

Delivery pizza is amazing, we’re not arguing that point. BUT, when you’re ready to upgrade, here are 11 innovative, fresh pizza toppings we found for you to try at home. 

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Photography by Modern Granola

lemon ricotta white pizza

If you love cheese, this one is for you! This pizza combines fresh mozzarella, salty parmesan, and hefty scoops of whole milk ricotta with hints of garlic and zesty lemon.

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Photography by All The Little Things

asparagus, pesto + radish pizza

This vegetarian pizza is crispy, light, and loaded with a delicious mix of herbs.

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Photography by Healthy Nibbles and Bits

three cheese fig + onion

Try figs for an unexpected kick of sweetness. Tip: get evenly thin crust using a rolling pin instead of your hands.

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Photography by Emma’s Little Kitchen

courgette lemon pizza

This bright, flavorful naan pizza makes the perfect summer meal. Plus…the courgette ribbons, mint, and feta look so pretty together!

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Photography by Fake Food Free

scallops, shallots, + arugula pizza

This grilled pizza’s smoky crust combined with the sweetness of the seafood and tartness of the greens make this a noteworthy pie to try. Get creative with the type of greens and cheese you use to mix it up.

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Photography by What’s Gabby Cooking

pea prosciutto spring pizza

This cheesy, eggy concoction tastes indulgent yet fresh. Before serving, break the egg with a spoon and evenly distribute the runny goodness over the pizza.

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Photography by Gratitude and Greens

vegan potato crusted pizza with garlic scape pesto and squash blossoms

A big name for a beautiful pie. The potato crust on this pizza is super easy and perfect for preparing during a busy workweek. Feel free to add cheese, if you’re not vegan.

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Photography by Culinary Tribune

purple potato scallion pizza

Inspired by Big River Pizza in St. Paul, this purple potato pizza tastes just as unique as it looks. Generously drizzle sour cream on top of this Japanese-infused option. 

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Photography by Half Baked Harvest

dandelion green pesto, prosciutto, fresh fig + gorgonzola pizza

Don’t let the thought of topping your pizza with dandelions scare you away from this recipe. The dandelion pesto is actually delicious (and you can always sub in arugula). Top with edible flowers to serve.

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Photography by Zen and Spice

plum BBQ zoodle pizza with cauliflower crust

The one to try if you’re gluten free. This incredibly light, grain-free option means you can enjoy it guilt-free. Plus, the dried plums support bone health.

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Photography by Alexandra Cooks

butternut squash + crispy sage pizza

A colorful flatbread pizza packed with fresh flavor. This recipe suggests prepping your dough over the weekend to use throughout the week.