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It’s hard to put into words how french fries make us feel, simply because they make us feel SO many things. The cycle usually starts with elation, before moving into a deep, loving satisfaction with a possible aftershock of guilt, depending on how full  you happen to be. If you’ve already read this far, we probably don’t have to convince you to look through 50 recipes of mouthwatering french fry recipes, now do we? Read on for the 50 most delicious french fry recipes that will take your love of sliced—fried or baked—potatoes to an entirely new level.

(Pst, here’s the recipe for these oven baked french fries.)

fries with lemon salt and rosemary

You’ll need a mandoline to get the fine cut of these shoestring potatoes, but it will be worth it. Also, we’re now certain we must keep lemon salt on hand at all times.

tijuana street fries

If you’re not already slobbering all over your keyboard, there’s a problem.

everything bagel home fries

Like an everything bagel (!!), but in french fry form. Hold back the tears, everything is going to be okay.

french fry pizza

Forming a crust like you see here (and cutting triangle pieces…) is not required, but welcomed! You can also make pizza fries more like nachos and simply sprinkle the ingredients on top for a less formal serving option. But this makes for a better Instagram, TBH.

beer-soaked chili cheese fries

You can’t go wrong with a classic like chili cheese fries. Sharing is optional.

buffalo chicken waffle fries

We can’t get over the practicality of adding delicious buffalo chicken to thicker, sturdier waffle fries. Genius!

french fry nachos

Fries before guys… And nacho chips.

in-n-out animal style french fries

Not all of us have access to an In-N-Out Burger joint (yeah, we’re jealous of West Coasters—we admit it). Thankfully, a copycat recipe exists to satisfy our needs.

curly fries

French fries are good, but curly fries? Nothing matches the joy of stuffing your face with these lively little spiraled wonders.

cuban fries

These fries are topped with ham, dill pickles, a creamy swiss cheese sauce, and a touch of mustard… Making them a delicious appetizer for any party (or game!).

skinny tandoori butter sweet potato fries with creamy baked harissa feta

We’ll try any french fry recipe that includes “skinny” at the beginning. Potatoes are a vegetable after all… But seriously, how delicious does this recipe sound? AND look?

baked lemon pepper french fries

Like regular fries, but better. Aka a bit spicier with tons of added flavor.

sweet potato fries wrapped in bacon

Proof you can wrap just about anything in bacon.

chorizo french fry nachos

We’ll never look at plain french fries the same way after laying eyes on this concoction…

apple pie fries

Fries can be desserts, too! So they’re not made from potatoes, but it still counts. Tell me you don’t want to stick these pie crust puffs into your mouth, effective immediately.

pad thai french fries

Pad thai isn’t just for noodles, silly! Add your favorite toppings and sauce to french fries and prepare for the meal of a lifetime.

skinny greek feta fries with roasted garlic saffron aioli

We’re not sure what sounds better—the fries or the aioli. Sounds like we better try both…

atop your burger

Looking for a new taste experience? Stuff your fries into your burger and go wild.

avocado fries with a curry lime dip

Baking avocados in slice form definitely counts as a fry. Trust us, they’re just as tasty.

buffalo falafel pitas with garlic blue cheese fries

Everything about this falafel looks SO right. Add them to your pita for an elevated experience or dip in yummy tzatziki.

cinnamon sugar sweet potato fries with vanilla icing dip

The icing on top of the sweet potato fries is such a beautiful sight, it almost brings tears to our eyes.

spicy dijon french fries

Add some spice to your french fry experience with red pepper flakes and chili powder.

basil garlic aioli

Warning: This is an aioli recipe from scratch! Aka you’re not just adding ingredients to mayo, which makes us want to try it even more.

cheesy cajun fries with grilled corn guacamole, bacon, and fried eggs

If we ate this for breakfast, we would no doubt climb right back into bed. Don’t judge.

baked yuca fries with creamy cilantro dip

If you’ve never tried yucca, a vegetable similar to a potato, consider making the switch—at least once. Especially if you’re feeling potato fatigue and need a vegetable reboot.

loaded greek sweet potato fries

Like a Greek salad but with fries as the base instead of lettuce! That sounds like a salad recipe we could get behind…

lebanese spiced french fries

The strongest flavor you’ll detect is za’tar, a spice blend made up of oregano, mint, sesame, sumac, and salt.

spicy baked jicama fries

Jicama resembles a potato, but is much sweeter. Bake it—don’t fry it—for a much healthier take on true french fries.

oven baked curry fries with tikka masala sauce

Again, who needs noodles! Or rice! Or chicken! (Okay, we need all of those things, but do you get our point?) We can feel our mouths salivating even after just a quick glance at this photo.

copycat chick-fil-a sauce

We all have special sauces we know, love, and can’t live without. Recreate the Chick-fil-A sauce for some yum in the comforts of your own home.

carne asada fries

Yum, yum, yum, yum, YUM is all we can think when faced with this recipe.

pumpkin pie fries

Baking pies is kind of a to-do… But making a low maintenance version in fry form is much more casual.

crispy baked garlic matchstick french fries

The author of this recipe described her french fries as crispy, salty, tender on the inside, garlicky, perfect with ketchup, and last but not least, slightly addictive.

crispy buffalo oven fries

This is a great vegetarian alternative to buffalo chicken wings. But we’re not gonna lie, we’d eat buffalo wings with a side of buffalo fries. We’re not above that.

beer barbecue pulled pork poutine

Everything about this beer barbecue gravy poutine sounds like something we’d devour in seconds. SECONDS!

extra crispy oven baked fries

Getting super crispy fries without, well, frying, is tough. Read on for tips to getting your crispiest crop.

pound cake fries with raspberry ketchup

Dessert fries can be dipped in ketchup, too! Just kidding, this raspberry sauce tastes nothing like ketchup, but is just as fun to dip fried stuff into.

whiskey bbq ketchup

This is not your average ketchup. Also, don’t go thinking you just add some BBQ sauce and whiskey. There’s more nuance to deliciousness like this, thank you very much.

roasted sweet potato wedges with no honey mustard sauce

If you like your mustard sans honey, we highly suggest checking out this recipe.

super food sweet potato dessert fries

We’ve never considered topping our fries with chocolate, but we certainly will now.


If you haven’t tried Canada’s one true delicacy, change that immediately.

sloppy joe sweet potato fries

A homemade classic topped on fries sounds like something we need to investigate further.

cajun baked sweet potato fries

Good news: You probably have all the spices necessary to make these flavorful fries.

kimchi fries

It doesn’t get better than kimchi covered fries, does it?

lemon and herb french fries

Any added seasoning for our beloved french fries is welcome, including this lemon and herb recipe.

pesto fries

If one of your favorite dishes is pesto pasta, we found the recipe for you…

crispy old bay french fries

Old Bay seasoning is an East Coast classic. Buy it and season your own for a taste of summer anytime of year.

zesty ranch fries

If you’re above ranch seasoning read no further. If you’re not (like us), bake immediately.

spiralized shoestring garlic truffle fries

Spiralizers are SO fun to use—especially when the result is crowd-favorite truffle fries.

buffalo cheese fries

Optional: Drizzling with ranch.