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fall dinner party menu ideas

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to start ROASTED HEIRLOOM CARROTS WITH PISTACHIOS AND HUMMUS Dress these lightly roasted veggies with a savory pomegranate dressing and serve over a platter of fresh hummus with a toasted pistachio garnish. .

salads and greens FIG AND BUTTERNUT SQUASH KALE SALAD WITH A BALSAMIC REDUCTION An effortless pairing of sweet figs and roasted butternut squash complement the bold flavors of the lemon-marinated kale.

to toast POMEGRANATE AND GINGER SPRITZER An underrated fruit steals the spotlight, accentuated by the refreshing notes of fresh ginger and hint of lemon.

the main course APPLE CINNAMON PORK CHOPS Pork chops and apples seem to just go hand in hand, and this mouthwatering, cinnamon combo is certainly no exception.

for dessert BOURBON SWEET POTATO CASSEROLE WITH BACON PECANS A holiday staple gets a well-deserved upgrade with a sweet and savory pecan topping and bold notes of sage and rosemary.

to indulge PUMPKIN BUTTERBEER HOT CHOCOLATE An utterly indulgent treat the little ones won’t be able to resist. This milk chocolate, pumpkin-flavored concoction features a hearty dash of butterscotch and cinnamon.

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