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1. healing turmeric soup with lentil and farro

Fall is the start of soup season, and this recipe doesn’t disappoint with lots of delicious flavors that are as filling as they are healthy.  And don’t worry – you won’t miss the meat thanks to a hearty helping of super-filling of farro and garlic breadcrumbs in each bowl.

2. farro, cranberry, and goat cheese salad

Upgrade your wild rice salad with farro this fall.  This recipe is simple enough to make on weeknights, and yet festive enough to serve as a Thanksgiving side.

3. roasted carrots with farro and chickpeas

Carrots never looked so delicious thanks to a bed of tasty farro and an amazing herbed cream sauce.  Yes, it looks gourmet and the ingredient list is longer than some, but it’s super simple to make and well worth the effort.

4. sweet farro with blackberries and bananas

Fall weather calls for a hearty breakfast at the start of every busy day.  This twist on oatmeal is also served warm, but packs a lot more texture and promises to keep you full and satisfied.

5. kale butternut squash farro salad

Butternut squash is so fall appropriate with its pumpkin-like texture and sweetness.  This superfood salad is an ideal lunch, light dinner, or hearty side all season long.

6. creamy chicken and farro soup

As if chicken soup needed an update, this version ups the hearty factor with the yummy texture of farro.  And yes, there is plenty of other flavors happening too by way of fresh herbs, garlic, butter, and veg.

7. warm farro, asparagus, and poached egg

A warm poached egg topper makes everything more delicious.  When you’re craving comfort food with filling power, this bowl packs a hearty portion of nutrition, too.

8. ina garten’s wild mushroom and farro soup

Fall is prime mushroom season, so a warm bowl of this rich soup is sure to hit the spot.

9. farro caprese salad

Farro gives a traditional Caprese salad a fall twist, with a hearty texture that’s much more fitting for the fall season.

10. creamy farro with white beans and kale

This one pot wonder is the trifecta of superfoods, with kale, farro, and beans working together to create a filling side that’s nutrient packed.  Serve for lunch, or as a light dinner on Meatless Mondays.

11. farro with kale, shaved zucchini, and parmesan

No one will resist digging into this pile of deliciousness, proving that shaved Parmesan makes everything better.

12. roasted mushroom and green bean farro salad

Not your average salad, this bowl incorporates a lot of roasted flavors that lend the dish a heartier feel.

13. martha stewart’s farro with bananas, walnuts, and dried cranberries

Who does is better than Martha?  This twist on oatmeal is heightened with the chewy texture of farro and the tartness of dried cranberries – a quintessential fall flavor.

14. pistachio, farro, and kale salad

Why don’t more recipes use pistachios?  They’re wonderfully crunchy with a quirky green color, and a fun alternative to walnuts.  This salad is would be perfectly delicious with pecans, but pistachios put it over the top.

15. roasted root vegetable and farro salad

Just look at those colors.  This is definitely not your average veggie plate, and farro makes a healthier swap for mashed potatoes or rice.

16. mushroom marsala farro bake

Farro never looked so decadent.  Your guests will never know it’s packed full of healthy farro thanks to so many other delicious flavors like Parmesan, marsala wine, mushrooms, rosemary, and mozzarella cheese.

17. apple, gouda, and farro salad

This salad is perfect for fall lunches.  For a make ahead version that resists wilting, swap mixed greens for kale.

18. brown sugar cinnamon breakfast farro

This is a simple recipe that’s similar to making oatmeal on the stovetop.  Four ingredients (including farro) cook together in 25 minutes, and then just top off with whatever tempts you most – shaved coconut, dried cranberries, cinnamon, chocolate chips – whatever.

19. farro risotto with squash and kale

Who doesn’t love a rich pan of cheese risotto?  This recipe is every bit as delicious as the rice version, complete with white wine, butter, and lots of Parmesan cheese.

20. coconut mango breakfast farro

Top a hearty, warm breakfast bowl with a punch of mango – guaranteed to brighten any mood on chilly fall mornings.