the best holiday dishes to make in a small space

hosting friends or family in your shoebox apartment? here are easy recipes you can make in a “cozy” kitchen!

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sweet and spicy cranberry meatballs

Prep the meatballs and sauce then combine them in a slow cooker in the corner and let electricity do its magic. These bad boys are a mega crowd pleaser at the holidays (specifically, the non-vegan crowd).

roast turkey breast

If you’re entertaining a small group, there’s no need to go whole hog, er, turkey. This easy recipe will make you look like a real pro, without all the hassle of a giant bird.

cranberry curd bars with walnut shortbread crust

Who needs pie? Everyone loves a lemon bar – take it a step further by adding a holiday twist (cranberries and walnuts!). Make sure you have a 9×13 baking pan and a food processor for this delectable dessert. No food processor? Improvising is your friend.

boeuf bourguignon with baguette dumplings

So maybe Boeuf Bourguignon is a little intimidating (especially if you’ve seen Julie & Julia) but it’s an amazing entrée for the holidays! This recipe uses dumplings to make it more approachable, as well as less… large. If you make this one, ask guests to bring light sides, as this will fill up your kitchen and the stomachs of all your guests. Bon appétit!

bacon wrapped brussels sprouts

Turn your sprouts into an hors-d’oeuvre with the magic of bacon and toothpicks! Let’s be real: this might be the easiest veggie dish you make all year.

thanksgivukkah sandwich

Combine holidays with this delicious take on a leftovers sandwich. It’s so delicious you’ll want to make it the main attraction at your party!

sweet potato casserole boats

If you ask us, baked potatoes should always be sweet. This recipe allows for everyone to have their own personal holiday yam and keeps you from having to scrub sticky marshmallows from a giant casserole dish all night.

pancetta and sage stuffing muffins

No birds required for this one. This easy muffin recipe combines rolls and stuffing—everyone’s favorite holiday carbs!

roasted butternut squash and bacon soup

This soup combines all the flavors and decadence of the season with minimal effort. The creamy dish goes amazing with greens like sprouts or kale. Tip: see if you can get the squash pre-peeled to cut down on time and mess.

cheese and walnut stuffed dates

Sweet, healthy-ish, and perfect for the season, this app will keep guests impressed and won’t press you for time.