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Recreate this Southern classic, all within the comfort of your kitchen. With andouille sausage, shrimp, veggies, and plenty of spicy seasonings, this hearty dish is perfect for fall.

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herbed chicken with beets and brussels

When last night’s dinner is earmarked for today’s lunch, a well-balanced dish is definitely in order. Autumn’s signature veggies come to life in this delectable combo that comes with a dijon mustard sauce.

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sesame garlic chicken

Recreate this takeout staple at home by combining chicken breasts with a fresh ginger and garlic mix (plus an additional handful of flavor-packed ingredients) in a slow cooker. Serve on a warm bed of rice and broccoli and garnish with sliced chilies.

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Chicken thighs, slow cooked in a tomato and cumin marinade, make for the star ingredient in these cheesy quesadillas, further accentuated by the refreshing side of pico de gallo and crumbled cotija cheese garnish.

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french onion soup

We’re all for challenging the traditional conventionalism of lunch, especially when french onion soup comes into question. This slow cooker version takes the hassle out of the original recipe, resulting in the perfect fall dish.

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honey garlic chicken and veggies

A meal doesn’t get any more complete than this. Chicken, potatoes, green beans, and carrots roast in a sweet and savory broth of honey, ketchup, and dried herb seasonings, resulting in one seriously fulfilling dish.

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pot roast with peas and asparagus

Treat yourself to the lunch you actually deserve, by recreating this hearty plate. Crushed tomatoes, a generous dose of garlic, and dry red wine lend a full-bodied note to the slow-cooked roast.

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turkey chili

Packed with an abundant slew of cold weather favorites and topped with a handful of cheese and tortilla chips, the depth of this slow-cooked turkey chili is simply unparalleled!

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basil chicken in coconut curry sauce

A medley of exotic spices and flavors elevate an otherwise standard chicken recipe. Coconut milk coupled with basil and a curry chili spice mix extends a burst of flavor to the dish.

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garlic parmesan chicken and potatoes

Parmesan crusted potatoes for lunch are about as perfect as a fall meal can get. Coupled with crisp and tender chicken strips, this bold dish also features a refreshing herb mixture.

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chicken noodle soup

Is there anything like chicken noodle soup on a chilly autumn day? This slow cooker version requires hardly any effort – simply put in all the ingredients, and let the crockpot do the rest! Garnish with freshly grated parmesan for a cheesy twist!

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cowboy brisket and beans

Craving a little Southwestern action in your life? This Cajun-flavored brisket is best devoured with a side of Texas toast and a hearty bowl of beans.

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chicken burrito bowls

Chili-spiced brown rice, black beans, and shredded chicken complete this burrito-inspired bowl, best when topped with all the right fixings.

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restaurant style salsa

Whether it’s a post-lunch snack or just the meal in itself, this garden salsa recipe is not one to miss. Garnished with cilantro, basil, and sage, this refreshing blend also makes for one seriously delicious dipping sauce.

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cheesy tortellini

This indulgent tortellini comes loaded with a tomato and chili beef mixture, a two-cheese topping, plus a medley of seasonal herbs.

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chicken and quinoa minestrone

Consider this a major upgrade to the typical chicken and rice soup. With the powerful notes of fennel, a steamy broth base, and a garlic herb sauce, this fall-favorite is about as delicious as they come.

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overnight oatmeal

When you are waking up late enough for lunch to be breakfast, a little oatmeal is definitely in order. This cinnamon and cranberry garnished version slowly cooks while you sleep, making for a delightfully hearty meal for the morning!

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spicy curried lentils

Full of warm spices and autumn vegetables, this broth and coconut milk based dish brings about a certain element of heartiness accentuated by a splash of jalapeño spice. Serve over rice with a pistachio garnish for an added crunch.

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corned beef and cabbage

Fresh fall veggies elevate this classic dish, which comes paired with pickling spices, beer, and fresh thyme.

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spaghetti casserole

With this easy-to-make dish featuring round roast, spaghetti, and lots of cheese, we’re rethinking our standard pasta night altogether!

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honey teriyaki chicken

Honey, garlic, and a dash of ground ginger embody the unique flavor pairings of this teriyaki glazed chicken bowl.  

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cheesy panade with swiss chard, beans & sausage

Consider it a savory bread pudding. Paired with sausage, beans, and a chicken stock broth, it’s the ultimate cold-weather meal!

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