Published on February 6, 2016

pork carnitas

Set up a taco bar complete with salsa and guacamole for guests to munch on during the show. Serve with a side of spicy margaritas!

spinach artichoke dip

No Superbowl would be complete without a dip, and this mouthwatering classic is no exception.

french dip sandwich

Tender beef, melted cheese, and a handful of savory spices complete this utterly indulgent combo. Though we must admit, the broth reserved for dipping might be our favorite part. 

chex mix

Superbowl snacks don’t get easier than this. Simply combine a batch of Chex cereal with peanuts, Cheerios, and pretzels, and top with a Worcestershire butter sauce. 

fall-off-the-bone ribs

Baby back ribs never tasted this good. Pop them into the slow-cooker the morning of and they’ll be ready to be devoured by halftime.

caramelized onion dip

A clever combo of parmesan, gruyere, and melted brie, plus a fragrant hint of thyme and fresh garlic. 

honey garlic chicken

This sweet and savory blend, topped with toasted sesame seeds, is best served with fresh rolls or on a bed of mashed potatoes. 

veggie lasagna

A hearty dish with a surprisingly light twist, which makes seconds completely acceptable.

parmesan honey pork roast

Drenched in a sweet and cheesy sauce, this delectable pork roast will likely be the star of the night.

turkey quinoa chili

Loaded with warm spices and bold flavors, this delicious blend features sweet potatoes, black beans, and a splash of your favorite IPA.

barbecue beans and sausage

A flavor-packed dish with sweet beans, chicken-apple sausage, and plenty of spice.