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Forget slaving over the stove to scramble an egg or digging through your fridge for 20 smoothie ingredients. Time is precious in the morning, and breakfast is often the first thing sacrificed. However, with a little planning, you can make a big batch of healthy granola, and you’ll be ready to eat in seconds.

While granola might not seem like the most exciting choice, the right recipe makes all the difference. We’re loving this superfood version from our friends at The Moment, which is made with olive oil for unique twist.

“I like to make this granola on a Thursday so we can enjoy it all weekend, ideally still in our pajamas while reading the newspaper,” says Laney Crowell, founder of The Moment. “The recipe was inspired by my favorite gourmet granola that’s much too expensive. This recipe has olive oil in it, which gives it a really special flavor and crunch, and it’s great for your skin.”

And if you’re not into any one of the ingredients in the recipe, Crowell suggests experimenting. “You can mix it up and swap the cranberries for dried apricots, the cinnamon for nutmeg,” she says. “Feel free to get creative.”

When it comes time to eat, there are various ways to construct a bowl, as well. “I like to serve it with sheep milk yogurt and sliced figs or homemade brazil nut milk and raspberries,” she says. “And thanks to all the nuts and seeds, it’ll keep you full ’til lunch.”  


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