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Figuring out what to eat in the morning is hard—mostly because we feel like we’re still asleep. But fret no more! We have all the breakfast recipes you can make the night (or week!) before, because when it comes to mornings, easiest is best. Always.

gluten-free mixed berry muffins

Just looks at these muffins! We’re supposed to believe these are healthy? You don’t have to tell us twice—we’ll take it.

overnight breakfast enchiladas

Leaving these breakfast enchiladas in the refrigerator overnight is an option, making them your new go-to when you’re trying to feed more than one person a fresh, savory meal.

baked honey berry oatmeal

These baked oats can be served cold in the mornings after baking and are a great alternative for those who just can’t get into overnight oats.

vanilla almond overnight quinoa

Oats aren’t the only food that can be left overnight for an easy breakfast. Quinoa can be a breakfast food, too!

zucchini bread with oats

We would eat a slice of this zucchini bread every single day of the week forever. Skimp on the sugar if you’re looking for a healthier dish, or bring it on if you’re trying to make your breakfast as dessert-like as possible.

banana nut bread no-bake energy bars

The author of this recipe wrote that these bars are “super sweet, super yummy, superfood-packed”… AND they’re no-bake. What’s not to love?

pumpkin french toast casserole

This recipe is geared more towards a family breakfast, not a solo “running out the door” Monday morning. Either way, you can prep the whole thing the night before, store in the refrigerator overnight, and pop in the oven come morning.

chia & raspberry breakfast

Learn how to make this sweet raspberry breakfast version of chia seed pudding and you’ll never grab for a store bought yogurt parfait again.

whipped ricotta with lemon and olive oil

If you’re bored of your regular breakfast spreads, upgrade to this whipped ricotta. Spread on toast for a quick breakfast snack at home or package and bring with you wherever you’re going!

overnight cake batter protein oatmeal

Turns out, you can really have your cake and eat it, too. Or I guess in this case, eat healthfully and also devour a version of cake batter. Combining the ingredients the night before only takes 5-10 minutes, meaning you can grab-and-go the next morning.

oatmeal raisin muffins

Made with no oil, eggs, dairy, or refined sugars and flours, this healthy recipe is sure to start off your day right. Freeze the extras and you’re set to go for two weeks worth of breakfast muffins.

overnight cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting

Warning: These cinnamon rolls still require an hour of sitting in the warm sun after having chilled in the refrigerator overnight, which makes them great for entertaining groups, but not so much for rushed mornings. Though we imagine showing up an hour late to the office with these rolls might get you off the hook…

company eggs

Make your house guests (or family!) a healthy dish they won’t be able to resist. Prepare the chard mixture the night before for nonexistent morning prep. Simply spread the mix, add eggs, bake, and enjoy!

almond joy chia pudding

Like the candy, but actually healthy! Leave your chia seeds chilling overnight for a creamy, luxurious texture in the morning.

5-ingredient granola bars

Another no-bake recipe (these bloggers sure know the way to our hearts!). These bars are kid-approved, an easy way to avoid preservatives, contain just five healthy ingredients, and yield 15 large bars or 30 small bars.

cinnamon bun scones

In case you didn’t know, homemade cinnamon rolls are rather labor intensive, due to the yeast-based dough. These scones are the closet you’ll get to the real thing in just 30 minutes—that includes prep and bake time!

overnight egg nog french toast casserole

Great for holidays or family gatherings, this casserole needs to be refrigerated overnight before baking and serving. It also basically looks like a dessert, which makes us want to try it even more.

tomato bacon spinach quiche

Don’t worry, there’s cheese in there, too. Make ahead on a Sunday night and heat up each morning for a delicious, savory breakfast with little effort.

chocolate overnight oats with strawberries

We’ll take any excuse we can get to eat chocolate for breakfast AND call it healthy. This recipe includes chia seeds and oats and can be made with almost any topping, on the off chance you don’t like strawberries.

overnight miso porridge

Miso? For breakfast? Yep, and with the addition of honey, it’s just the right amount of savory and sweet for your first meal of the day. Let chill overnight and reheat in the morning for an easy—but complex tasting—meal.

creamy vegan bircher muesli

In order to get this recipe right, you’ll have to make vanilla macadamia milk, but it will be worth your trouble. Make in bulk and enjoy all week long!

chocolate banana walnut overnight oats

This recipe is reminiscent of a banana split… But for breakfast. With little prep time required the night before.

pb&j stuffed multigrain pancakes

It might not be socially acceptable to eat a regular pb&j for breakfast, but pancakes? You betchya. They’re easy to freeze (for up to six months, thank you very much) and even easier to reheat and devour.

cherry-almond granola bars

This recipe for sweet and salty baked bars combines wholesome seeds and nuts with oats, coconut oil, honey, and brown sugar for a chewy breakfast experience.

banana bread

Treat yourself this upcoming week to banana bread for breakfast.

peanut butter and honey cheerios™ granola

This recipe for half cereal, half granola will hit the spot every morning. Just add milk and you’re set to go.

chia pudding with dried apricots and pineapple

Pudding for breakfast is a thing. You know the drill, leave the chia seeds sit overnight in the refrigerator and top in the morning with whatever fruits you’re feeling that day.

overnight breakfast bulgur with vegan maple berry sauce

Bulgur is super healthy, surprisingly easy to make, and can be prepped the night before like oats or chia seeds. The author of this recipe says it takes just 10 minutes of prep to have breakfast for an entire week, which means we already added it to our Sunday to-do list.

make-ahead shakshuka

Make a big batch of shakshuka by cooking and individually freezing ramekins of sauce. Simply add an egg and heat up in the microwave for a delectable and super quick breakfast in the morning.

veggie muffin frittatas

These mini frittatas are even easier to reheat and eat in the mornings due to their muffin-mold shape. Bonus: You can freeze these little nutrient and protein-packed frittatas.

carrot apple flax muffins

Love morning glory muffins but looking for something a bit healthier? Hello, carrot apple flax muffins. Grab one each morning for a filling, healthy meal you can count on.

peanut butter overnight oats

With just five ingredients that take only five minutes of prep time, this recipe is easy to make quickly the night before a big morning.

asparagus and goat cheese frittata

Eat breakfast like a queen for a week with this savory (and healthy!) frittata recipe. Heat up if you’re feeling a hot meal or eat cold, because that’s how versatile frittatas are (in case you forgot!).

no bake peanut butter chocolate chip granola bars

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these healthy granola bars that taste almost like cookies.

chai spice scones with dark chocolate

Spice up your breakfast routine with these chai scones. Bake this weekend for an easy, on-the-go breakfast option all week long.