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healthy lunch boxes

The perfectionist in us is reveling in the precision of these packed lunches. Cheese roll-ups, bean and cheese burritos, and mini fruit skewers are only a few of the many reasons why we can’t get enough!

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guacamole greens salad

Guacamole in a salad? Count us in! Tossed with a cilantro lime jalapeño vinaigrette, this green-based salad features grilled chicken strips, heirloom tomatoes, and plenty of refreshing hints of cilantro.

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california turkey and bacon lettuce wraps

We’re always up for a breadless sandwich, especially one that looks as good as this. Use a piece of iceberg lettuce in lieu of the bread, and pair with your go-to sandwich ingredients! This avocado and bacon lettuce wrap means guilt-free eating, right?

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salmon veggie power salad

Pair baked salmon with seasonal greens, squash, and avocado to recreate this healthy and hearty salad bowl. Drizzle with a balsamic glaze and sprinkle in fresh sprigs of thyme for a refreshing taste.

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chicken chopped salad with strawberries

We love the clever combo of strawberries, avocado, and feta cheese, especially in the form of a salad! The sweet and savory elements of the ingredients will help elevate just about any base of greens.

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vegetable sushi rolls

Repurpose leftover fish and rice into mini sushi rolls, bound by seaweed strips. Pack in edamame, fruit, and a little something sweet for dessert!

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power salad with lemon chia seed dressing

Loaded with superfoods, this salad comes complete with apples, sweet potatoes, chickpeas, and avocado. Coated with a lemon vinaigrette, this is one seriously healthy mix.

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tangy veggie wrap

Sauteed carrots and bell peppers are only a few of the delicious ingredients of this flavor-packed veggie wrap. Paired with a ginger, cottage cheese, and dijon mash, this spicy blend is not one to miss.

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grilled chicken banh mi

When your standard lunch fare just won’t do (healthy salads included) switch things up. This Vietnamese-style sandwich features elements of French cuisine combined with classic Southeast Asian-inspired flavors.

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hummus and pita plate

Perhaps more snack and less lunch, this compact box comes complete with pita slices, hummus, and veggies perfect for dipping!

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thai chicken salad with chills vinaigrette 

Cleverly packaged in a mason jar, this conveniently-packed salad makes DIY lunches a breeze. Simply assemble all of the ingredients within a mason jar (dressing on the bottom!), refrigerate and enjoy!

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chicken bento box

Leftover chicken becomes quite the delicious lunch option, especially when paired with a side of fresh veggies, fruit, and a delicious dipping sauce.

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easy chicken gyros

Recreate this Greek-style chicken gyro with a refreshing tzatziki sauce, and spice up your weekly lunch rotation! Packed with grilled chicken strips and a medley of veggie strips, this hearty bunch will surely keep you full for hours!

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chopped chickpea greek salad

Making lunch hardly gets any easier than this. Pair chickpeas with chopped veggies – cucumbers, tomatoes, and onions – and sprinkle in shredded feta cheese for a savory twist.

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spicy southwestern salad

Herb and spice-rubbed sweet potatoes star in this mouthwatering southwestern salad featuring black beans, sweet corn, and a savory avocado dressing.

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Complement these cheesy bites with a side of guacamole, chips, and a bit of tropical fruit.

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cobb salad wraps

Transform the classic Cobb salad into a delicious wrap by pairing chicken strips with bacon, tomatoes, avocado, and a blue cheese dressing. Set the ingredients within a whole grain wrap for a healthy touch.

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sesame beef and vegetable bento

No sad desk lunch over here. Sesame-flavored beef, blanched veggies, and a carrot kinpira call for a well-packed lunch box that surely won’t disappoint.

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power veggie sandwich

Whole grain seeds, hummus, and sliced veggies complete this healthy lunch option. Easy to make and wholesomely delicious, it’s time to rethink the standard sandwich.

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cuban sandwich bowls

This inspired bowl calls for apple cider cooked pork, garlic plantain chips, and a citrusy Mojo sauce, plus an eclectic array of garnishes such as dill pickles, ham, and mustard!

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mini thai meatballs in purple cabbage boats

This week, lunch comes with a bit of an exotic twist. These mini Thai meatballs come loaded with cilantro, Sriracha, and a medley of spices. Set the meatballs on purple cabbage boats and drizzled with a spicy mayo sauce. Pack in fresh slices of cucumber for a refreshing note.

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