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16 movie-in-the-park hacks for summer nights

outdoor entertaining DIYs and tricks for the summer!
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There’s nothing quite like an evening spent under the stars, watching your favorite flick with a close group of family and friends. So we rounded up a few clever hacks and DIYs, to help you make the most of your time outdoors, without having to worry about the little things. Take a look!

Portable picnic table? Yep, there’s such a thing. Constructed with a sturdy aluminum alloy frame and wooden details, this lightweight piece requires no tools for assembly and can be set up in a cinch. It doesn’t get easier than that!

Pack your meals ahead of time. Compartmentalized lunch or bento boxes are perfect for keeping your outdoor eats mess-free, easily accessible, and temperature controlled.

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Pre movie entertainment comes in the form of classic board games, reinvented with stylish transportability in mind.

Make mini baguette sandwiches and wrap them up in a little parchment paper and twine. Hand out once you’re ready to eat!

For a more formal arrangement, arrange lunches in mini boxes with enough room to fit a meal for one. Line the inside of the box with parchment or wax paper to avoid leakage.

Take to a drop cloth sheet or piece of canvas and DIY an eye-catching pattern or print to elevate the piece. Use this in lieu of a picnic blanket for an alternative that is not only more durable and thick, it’s much less likely to get wet!

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This picnic-friendly cheese board conveniently comes in the form of a wedge with built-in slots for the cheese tools. Pack the cheese board essentials in a separate container and assemble once you’re at the park!

A centerpiece that doubles as a natural bug repellent is always a win in our book. Mason jars paired with essential oils, citrus, and tea light candles make for quite the effective repellent. Plus, they’re also pretty easy on the eyes!

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Serve watermelon slices on popsicle sticks to avoid sticky fingers or dirtying plates!

Keep drinks – from water to wine – chilled in bottles specifically designed to withstand the heat.

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Fill a mason jar with a dip or spread and top with fresh veggies for a crudite platter on the go! Get the recipe for these crisp and refreshing individual salad cups with rhubarb vinaigrette on The View from Great Island.

Who knew sprigs of herbs and flowers could function as natural forms of bug repellents? Bundle any combo of leftover herbs in a glass filled with water and set at the center of the table!

Prevent little buggies and insects from diving into your drink by pairing glasses with playful cupcake liners!

Use parchment paper to create mini cones to serve fresh summer berries in.

In lieu of filling the cooler with loads of ice, use frozen water bottles to pack in the food and drinks. By the end of the evening, you’ll have additional sources of water!

Wrap a cold compress around your favorite bottle of white or bubbly using a thick rubber band to chill it to your liking.

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