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Jack’s Wife Freda: Cooking From New York’s West Village March 21, 2017

Jack’s Wife Freda’s iconic aesthetic has graced the Instagram feeds of oh so many, and come March, the NYC establishment’s comfort-centric dishes can be of avail in your home kitchen.

Tartine All Day: Modern Recipes for the Home Cook April 4, 2017

James Beard Award-winning author Elisabeth Prueitt’s delicious home-cooked meals come together in this stunning collection which boasts recipes from 5-day sauerkraut to corn tortillas and purple salad.

Food52 Mighty Salads: 60 New Ways to Turn Salad into Dinner–and Make-Ahead Lunches, Too April 11, 2017

For as obsessed as we can be when it comes to eating healthy, a cookbook exclusively dedicated to salads should go without saying. Food52’s newest venture finds the perfect solution to a common dilemma – turning something light and easy like salad, into a meal that can hold you over for more than an hour.

Food Swings: 125+ Recipes to Enjoy Your Life of Virtue & Vice April 25, 2017

Is there anything more true than inconsistent food cravings? Jessica Seinfeld’s Food Swings is the answer to all your indulgences and healthy-eating practices.

Quick & Easy Thai Recipes January 23, 2017

When you’ve had enough of the takeout and are finally ready to try your hand at recreating your go-to Thai dishes, consider this the essential resource. With over 100 authentic recipes, this collection features all of the cult classics.

In My Kitchen: A Collection of New and Favorite Vegetarian Recipes March 28, 2017

Deborah Madison’s vegetarian-friendly cookbook entails a range of mouthwatering recipes from roasted asparagus with hard-cooked eggs and tomato tarts to rhubarb pies and herb-laced fritters.

Egg Shop: The Cookbook March 21, 2017
From the classic NYC brunch hotspot, comes an equally amazing cookbook which combines all the best flavors of the establishment’s acclaimed menu. 

The Haven’s Kitchen Cooking School: Recipes and Inspiration to Build a Lifetime of Confidence in the Kitchen April 4, 2017

Calling all novice chefs! Alison Cayne’s how-to guide touches on everything from poaching eggs and baking delectable desserts to setting crowd-pleasing dinner menus and pro-cooking techniques.

Burma Superstar: Addictive Recipes from the Crossroads of Southeast Asia March 28, 2017

From the famed Bay Area hotspot, Burma Superstar, comes a fully-loaded collection of the eatery’s signature dishes that celebrate the iconic flavors of Southeast Asia.

Vegan: The Cookbook May 1, 2017

Veganism may be the ever-growing food fad that some may have difficulty getting behind. Featuring over 500 veggie-centric recipes from around the world, we’re confident that the trend just might stick. If that weren’t reason enough, the vivid graphics might just do the trick.