Published on February 13, 2016

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Photography by angelnina

Lavender isn’t just for scents and soap anymore, it’s now making its way into the kitchen—and we aren’t complaining. If you’re wondering how to take ordinary desserts to the next level using the delicate scent (and color!) of this edible flower, we’ve got you covered. Most of these 20 delicious recipes call for dried lavender (unless otherwise specified) and will immediately transport you to Provence.

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Photography by Sweet Apolita

layered chocolate and lavender vanilla bean panna cotta

Each delectable layer has a flavor all its own and when combined, the result is breathtaking. And lavender whipped cream? Um, yes please!

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Photography by Kitchen Love Stories

elegant whipped lavender berry mousse

That rich berry color is already an eye catcher, but add in the silky rich texture and you got yourself a perfect party dessert. The great thing is, this recipe is raw, dairy-free and gluten free, so you can indulge without guilt!

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Photography by Fifteen Spatulas

lavender berry crumbles

This crumbly berry goodness will melt in your mouth. Serve it hot with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and watch as the flavors unfold. The subtle hint of dried lavender gives it an aromatic edge that will take this dessert to a whole other level.

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Photography by Bon Appetit

lavender shortbread

Impress your friends by turning an ordinary shortbread cookie into a work of art. The dried lavender is baked into the cookie giving a subtle hint of flavor. The recipe also gives adorable ideas for decorative toppings that are delicious and edible like these colorful flowers.

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Photography by Adventures in Cooking

lavender black currant and vanilla bean marshmallows

Yummy, fluffy, and purple—what’s not to love? This colorful twist on a classic marshmallow recipe will make a great last minute gift, or a perfect addition to your hot cocoa during those chilly months.

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Photography by Broma Bakery

67 calorie honey lavender popsicles

Refreshing and healthy, these popsicles are made with just four ingredients—honey, lavender, milk, and Greek yogurt. The lavender and honey together bring fragrance and sweetness while the milk and yogurt make an excellent creamy base. We wouldn’t mind cooling down with one of these!

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Photography by A Girl and Her Home

lemon and lavender madeleines

Seems fitting to use lavender in a classic French recipe, the Madeleine. This soft cookie in its classic form brings citrus and lavender together and would make a perfect addition to your morning tea or coffee.

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Photography by Cookie Named Desire

blueberry lavender galette

Something tells us this would make a great dessert after a summer brunch. The rustic look of galette paired with antioxidant-rich blueberries and lavender is just as delicious as it is stunning.

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Photography by Twiggs Studio

blueberry and lavender religiuese

These adorable desserts look like they came straight out of a Victorian fairy tale. The petite religuise is made with two “choux”, which are two pastries filled with custard. The lavender blueberry syrup adds the right amount of color, and the cute blueberries on top tie it all together.

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Photography by Eating Well

honey-lavender plum gratin

Here’s a twist on an otherwise savory recipe. The golden plums submerged in the honey custard makes this a delicious, warm dessert.

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Photography by boulder locavore

chocolate lavender fudge

Chocolate, salted caramel, and lavender sprinkled on top. The unexpected flavors work so well together that you will definitely want to share this with friends.

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Photography by Local Milk Blog

lavender blueberry and ricotta turnovers

Turn breakfast up a notch with these flaky warm pastries filled with ricotta cheese and blueberries. The lavender adds major sophistication while the almonds give the dough an added crunch. Yum!

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Photography by Gringalicious

lavender vanilla bean french beignets

Normally dusted with powdered sugar, these beignets are topped in a lavender and vanilla bean icing and filled with vanilla cream. We think the American donut has a contender, and it’s this French Beignet.

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Photography by The Farmer’s Daughter

earl grey lavender ice cream

This ice cream is refreshing, cool, and surprisingly easy to make. Instead of dried lavender, this recipe calls for earl grey lavender tea that is steeped directly into the milk before it is put into the ice cream maker. The result is adorable lavender-colored tastiness!

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Photography by Tara Striano

honey lavender crepe mille cake

How cute is this delicate crepe cake? The buttery layers have lavender baked-in, while the honey pastry cream holds each layer together. This is definitely an adorable cake alternative if you’re fresh out of ideas.

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Photography by Butter and Brioche

blueberry and lavender sugared clafouti

The Clafouti recipe is a definite crowd-pleaser. Visually, it’s beautiful in a rustic way—and equally as delicious. Who doesn’t love fruit baked in a soft custard-like crust? Plus, the lavender gives a hint of sophistication that ties it all together.

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Photography by My Recipes

nectarines poached in lavender-honey syrup

Fruit and ice cream already makes an exceptional dessert. Add in the lavender, sugar, and a honey glaze and you got yourself a masterpiece.

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Photography by Taste of Home

lavender peach cake with walnuts

Something tells us this would make one adorable birthday cake! With the prep time at just 10 minutes, this is an extremely easy recipe to whip up in a pinch. Peaches can easily be swapped out if they aren’t in season, so feel free to experiment.

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Photography by Whole Health Insider

lavender blueberry ice cream

Fresh blueberries meet lavender in this elegant take on ice cream. The recipe calls for low-fat ingredients so you can have more than one scoop.

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Photography by Fox and Fennel

vegan lavender lime bundt cake

The citrus and lavender glaze drizzled on the fluffy cake is surprisingly healthy. The recipe does not use any dairy or eggs, so you and your vegan guests can indulge guilt-free!