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by Michelle Gage

It seems like it’s always somebody’s birthday in the office, and if yours is the kind of office that celebrates, you might find yourself repeating treats over and over again. If you need an little creative inspiration, read on. (But maybe not when you’re hungry)!

Whip up some perfectly sprinkled pink doughnuts in letter shapes. Make a grouping that spells out a happy saying or the birthday person’s name. Try “smile” or “celebrate” for multiple birthdays at once.

Get the recipe from Studio DIY.

These treats will require a quick stop to the kitchen as you get into work. Make these decadent ice cream sandwiches the night before the big party. Sneak them into the freezer until it is time to celebrate.

Get the recipe from Pretty Life Girls.

This lemon and lime tart, topped with blackberries, is perfect for a summer birthday.

Get the recipe from What Katie Ate.

Count us in on anything including Oreos. Every birthday is better with them, no?

Get the recipe from larecetadelafelicidad.com.

Believe or not, there are people in this world who don’t like chocolate. If your officemate is one of those people, this iced oatmeal cookie is a perfect birthday treat.

Get the recipe from Mother Thyme.

These colorful cookies, stuffed with fluffy filling, are a light and bright treat for your afternoon party.

Get the recipe from Paper N Stitch.

The name of these treats send us into a sugar coma. These peanut butter M&M truffles are filled with sugary goodness, making them the perfect gift to bring your desk buddy.

Get the recipe on Sally’s Baking Addiction.

Think pink. This isn’t just a Valentine’s Day treat. Cinnamon Red Hots shortbread cookies are for anyone who likes their sweets with a little spice.

Get the recipe from Bakingdom.

There is no freezer required for these tasty treats. That’s not ice cream in between chocolate chip cookies; it’s marshmallow! Bring these s’more snacks into the office and prepare to fight off all of your hungry friends.

Get the recipe from Bakers Royale.

Dress your cake to the nines. This cake comes loaded with macaroons and marshmallows. (You can also buy a basic cake from the store and embellish with additions all you want)!

Get the recipe from Fork To Belly.

We’d save this decadent indulgence for a multi-coworker celebration. When is the last time you had a sundae?!

Get the recipe from Noel Barnhurst.

Nothing screams “PARTY” like a pink flamingo sugar cookie. Please a crowd with a scrumptious, whimsical snack.

Get the recipe from Mom’s Best Network.

You can smash two Nilla wafers around anything and serve it up to us. We are game to try anything that looks this good (and easy).

Get the recipe from Bakers Royale.

Peppermint brownies are perfect for any office celebration. Stun coworkers with your ability to bake up the best brownies on the block.

Get the recipe from Jennifer Joyce.

Chocolate and peanut butter cup bark is the perfect treat for your office’s peanut butter addict. This super simple recipe looks like it is way harder to make than it actually is.

Get the recipe from Love and Olive Oil.

We are not sure how this isn’t the go-to birthday treat staple. An ice cream doughnut sandwich could replace a boring, traditional cake any day.

Get the recipe from Paper N Stitch.

This buttermilk chocolate chip crumb cake is perfect for an early morning celebration. Pair this with coffee and fruit for the next office birthday party.

Get the recipe from Piggy’s Cooking Journal.

We can’t possibly think of anything more decedent than brownie sandwich stuffed with cookie dough. Score brownie points all around the office with these heavenly bites.

Get the recipe from Just Putzing.

Top tall glasses of milk with some richly iced doughnuts.

Get the recipe from Ruffled Blog.

Whipped chocolate icing perfectly coats these chocolate cakes. These are for the serious chocoholics in your life.

Get the recipe from Design Love Fest.

You could certainly run to the store and get your work wife a pie. However, we suggest you make her a pie pop instead.

Get the recipe from Betty Crocker.

If your office kitchen has a cooktop, you are in luck. These easy to make treats are sure to earn some praises at your next office party.

Get the recipe from Dessert For Two.

Top your rich chocolate cake with sliced peanut butter cups. We know–why didn’t we think of this a long time ago?

Get the recipe from Butter Lust.

If you have a coworker who is a vegan and chocolate lover rolled into one, this is the dessert for them.

Get the recipe from Fork and Beans.

These treats tell your coworkers that you aren’t afraid to put in a little effort to make their birthday unique.

Get the recipe at Bake at 350.

There’s always the option to make just part of a recipe. This one if for a big deal festive treat, but we think the chocolate cookies and peppermint icing will serve your party just fine.

Get the recipe at Joy the Baker.

You seriously can’t go wrong with frozen s’mores bars.

Get the recipe from Sweetened With Honey.

…or s’mores cupcakes…

Get the recipe from Hummingbird High.

Top your cake with some figs for a non-traditional take on birthday treats.

Get the recipe from toertchenzeit.de.

Chocolate peanut butter cupcakes, drizzled with a little caramel, are the perfect way to celebrate a Friday birthday.

Get the recipe from Pretty Simple Sweet.

This amazing display requires no baking, just DIY-ing. If you can paint a pegboard, you can wow the office with this over the top treat wall.

Get the recipe from Oh Happy Day.

Cactus cookies are totally on trend right now.

Get the recipe from The Alison Show.

These Reese’s Pieces shortbread bars look so delicious, you might find yourself making them for no special occasion at all.

Get the recipe from Crazy For Crust.

Skip the standard cake and bake up some cinnamon buns. These cinniminis are great for a breakfast celebration.

Get the recipe from Take a Mega Bite.

With just a little cake mix, you can make your own doughnuts. Your coworkers will appreciate that you took the time to make these yourself, rather than pick up a dozen on your way to work. We’ve all done it!

Get the recipe from It’s Always Autumn.