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If your office doesn’t believe in “summer fridays” (aka taking off early each Friday throughout the summer!), we’re here for you. It’s tough being tied to your desk while your friends hit the beach—or an early happy hour. Which is why we rounded up a few ways to make your workplace more fun on summer fridays, or really any time of the year!

bring a breakfast bar

Bonus points if your office can orchestrate a cereal bar. Bagels, cream cheese, pastries, and coffee will usually suffice, though.

pretend you’re on the beach

Bring the beach to your office… With this backdrop. Add fruity drinks (alcoholic or virgin) for a more spirited celebration and you’ll forget you’re even at work.


bring your dog to work

If you work in a dog-friendly office, this might be your daily (jealous). If not, encourage employees to bring their pups to work and don’t be surprised if even your grumpiest co-worker has a smile plastered on their face all day.

play a prank

As if we even need to include this one, the easiest way to have fun in the office is to pull a prank on a co-worker. (This is the ban.do team sticky noting founder Jen Gotch‘s office.) Do it Thursday night and reap the benefits Friday morning, be sneaky over your lunch break, or get the person who leaves the first on Friday night and let the anticipation build alllll weekend long.

order your guilty pleasure lunch—in bulk

Group order from your favorite fast food spot (okay, regular restaurants are allowed, too) and have a family style feast.

refresh your decor

You always feel better after cleaning and organizing your desk, don’t you? Take that feeling to the next level and bring in some new photos to pin or tape up. If you’re looking to make more of a statement, bring some fun balloons in and spread them throughout the office. (Drake fans, take note.)


bring a birthday cake—even if there’s not a birthday

Not only will you confuse people, but you’ll also make people laugh AND provide them with cake. Sounds like a fun Friday if you ask us.

change up your DJ

Let each of your coworkers take a turn DJing the office speaker. If you have a more quiet work environment, swap Spotify playlists with your coworkers—or listen to the same one at the same time.

have a potluck lunch

Assign a different dish to each of your coworkers and enjoy some homemade fare for lunch. Just don’t forget dessert…

wheel around a traveling bar cart

Have an in-office happy hour, courtesy of your workplace bar cart.


create your own trivia

Create trivia games around topics your coworkers are passionate about. From favorite celebrities to cities and television shows to genres of music, we’re sure you’ll be able to find some topics that will bring out the competitive nature in your office mates.

order in froyo

Bulk order froyo—or take to the streets in search of some ice cream—for a sweet treat on Friday afternoon.

lunch break karaoke

Make like James Corden and host a singalong with your coworkers over lunch. It will almost be like you’re in a car with James Corden, almost.

manicure time!

Use a service like The Red Door At Work (formerly Manicube) to facilitate in-office manicures and pedicures. Or simply BYOP (bring your own polish) for an afternoon nail painting party.


have a game tournament

Video games have universal appeal. Create a tournament and cheer on everyone from your boss to the intern. Make use of white boards for keeping score.

have theme days

Costume days feel juvenile—in the best way possible. Theming your Fridays will seriously give you something to look forward to, even if it’s simply sporting Hawaiian shirts or socks and sandals.

group yoga

Have an instructor come in and teach yoga in a spare conference room or take to the roof (if you have access!) for a lunchtime sweat session.