the cutest diy apple pie à la mode station

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by Camila Pavone

Over the holidays, I’m always the go-to person for desserts! I love everything from cakes to cookies and even fudge, but during the fall season there is nothing better than the smell of warm apple pie. There is just something about it that really makes it taste just like fall. So, while the leaves are changing colors and quickly covering the outdoors, I’ve been dreaming up different ways to give this classic dessert a re-vamp. Now, I love apple pie, but I equally adore ice-cream. So with that, I give you an apple pie à la mode station that you can use during the holiday season or a random Friday after a long week.

If you have a special apple pie recipe then go ahead and bake your pie from scratch, but if you don’t have the time for that, you’re not alone. Pick up a pie from your local bakery or supermarket instead! I swear—no one will know the difference if you zhush up the presentation a bit.

The best part about an apple pie à la mode station is that it’s really easy prep. Simply wander the aisles at your local supermarket and pick up any treats that catch your eye. I went with a honey cluster granola, yogurt covered raisins, and traditional chocolate sprinkles. Once I was back at home, I mixed some sugar and cinnamon for the perfect fall-inspired topping.

I also included whipped cream, fudge sauce, and a fleur de sel caramel sauce as well. To make packaging pretty, simply wrap them up with plain brown kraft paper that you can find for next to nothing at your local hardware store. The paper and handwritten labels took my treats from cheap to chic in seconds.

Now for the ice cream selections. I went with Coffee Toffee, Vanilla Swiss Almond, and Butter Pecan. You really can’t go wrong with your selection. Try to get something for everyone by spicing it up with a little variety, just don’t forget the classics.

And because nobody likes melty ice cream, I’m going to share my secret for keeping the goods cold while everyone dresses their apple pie.

First, remove the ice cream from their containers. Scoop balls out and place in glass serving bowls and put them back in the freezer to let them set. Then, fill a large bowl with ice and arrange your glass containers within the ice cubes.  Pour a mixture of salt water around the ice cubes. Don’t be afraid to go heavy on the salt—I usually add around 1/4 a cup. The reason? Science. Basically, it will keep your ice, water, and ice cream all colder.

While coffee and tea are traditional hot beverages to drink during dessert, I decided to stay in theme and warmed up some local apple cider. Simply place it in a saucepan under medium heat for 5 mins. Do not let it boil. I like to add a caramel and cinnamon stick to each cup as well. Voila! People will swear you made it from scratch.

This is sure to be a hit during the holidays. And if you nail this, there’s no question you will quickly become your family’s go-to dessert person!

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