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photos courtesy of    INTO THE GLOSS

We know what winter does to our skin. We’re not new here. Dryness and a missing glow come calling when it’s cold outside, but we’re here to help. With quick habits to pick up before the new year begins, you’ll face 2016, flawlessly.

  1. WASH YOUR FACE EVERY NIGHT Find a fruit or milk-based (gentle) cleanser and incorporate washing your face 2x/day, if you don’t already. If you’re prone to dryness, washing only at night will do, but be sure to use toner and moisturizer to lock in the moisture. (See toner tip below.)
  1. USE TONER (YES, NOT JUST FOR YOUR MOM ANYMORE!) Once upon a time, a California gal moved to the mountains of Colorado (ahem) and her skin went berserk. An esthetician told her to cleanse, tone, and moisturize *every* night. Essentially, what the cleanser strips away during the washing process, the toner balances back in, and then the moisturizer seals it all together. Go for a rose water based toner for a light and refreshing add-on to your nightly regimen.
  1. USE UNDER EYE CREAM Don’t think because you’re teetering the lines of being a 20-something that you don’t need eye cream. The skin around your eyes is known to be the most delicate skin on your body (!!!). Take proper care of it with a few dabs of eye cream—always using your 4th finger to rub it in.
  1. SCRUB A DUB It sounds arduous, but it’s really not. And you want ‘smooth-as-buttah’ skin right? Well, that means you’re going to have to put in a smidge of effort during the winter months. Set a reminder on your phone to make the activity a habit in no time. By sloughing off dead skin cells, your face will be able to regenerate and look fabulous—just like you.
  1. MOISTURIZE, BABY! You’ve probably been doing this since you started washing your face, but moisturizing is something you should never forego. Like stated above, moisturizer—when properly used with the right facial cleanser and toner—works to seal in moisture and rejuvenate your skin overnight. Try this gentle calendula one here.
  1. MASK BI-WEEKLY There is some debate around how often one should mask, but here’s a general rule. If you have more sensitive skin, err on the side of 2x/month, if your skin’s a bit more resilient, opt for once a week—but not on the days you exfoliate! Mask’s are known to draw out impurities from the deepest part of the pore, leaving your skin flawless and beaming with youth. Who doesn’t want that?
  1. FACIAL OILS ARE YOUR FRIEND As of late, face oils seem to be all the rage, but they’re popular for a reason. Potent in nutrient-rich antioxidants, great at combating inflammation, and perfect to plump one’s skin—these are the business.
  1. EAT CLEAN One of the best ways to keep a healthy glow (all year ‘round) is with three simple food tricks: water, greens, and less sugar. Focus on chugging 64oz. + of water a day, trading in your lunchtime sandwich for a salad, and swapping your afternoon treat for an apple with a low sugar nut butter.