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Come winter, the way you approach skin care should be the same as how you get dressed: in layers. Think of every step in your beauty routine as an added level of protection from the elements.

By Kristie Dash


This should be your first step after cleansing, simply because it’s the most lightweight product on your vanity table. The gel-like liquid absorbs quickly for instant hydration and concentrated vitamin delivery.

Try: Chantecaille Bio Lifting Serum, $216, chantecaille.com


Moisturizing face creams are loaded with water, hyaluronic acid (which hydrates and plumps), and nourishing ingredients, like vitamin extracts and antioxidants. The whipped texture soothes on demand, hence why they’re so popular. Moisturizers are also the place to incorporate an SPF—just as important in the winter.

Try: Diptyque Essential Face Cream, $75, barneys.com


A few drops of face oil act as your skin’s defense system. It’s the final layer that seals in the products you applied beforehand, insulates and shields your skin from the cold, and gives you a glowy, après ski look.

Try: Sunday Riley UFO Face Oil, $80, sephora.com


Unless you’re targeting something specific, your daytime lineup works perfectly for night (even your cream). Consider these products as beauty sleep genies that can give a boost to your skin overnight.


Swap out your foaming cleanser for an oil-based option to ward off that parched feeling post-wash. Simply massage the oil onto dry skin, let the dirt and grime melt away, and rinse.

Try: Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate, starting at $46, kiehls.com


In the winter, when your skin is already sensitive due to the cold, exfoliate with caution. Instead of a harsh scrub, try a gentle resurfacing peel like this one right after you cleanse.

Try: Wish Formula Bubble Peeling Pad, $7, glowrecipe.com


If your face feels raw or you just need an extra dose of moisture, opt for a hydrating sheet mask instead of your mud- or clay-based summer staple.

Try: Dr. Colbert Illumino Anti-Aging Brightening Mask, $110 for 5 masks, colbertmd.com


Your regular regime isn’t cutting it? Add a thicker, more concentrated treatment. Think of it as a face mask that works all night long. Bonus: You’ll wake up looking perfectly dewy.

Try: Tatcha Indigo Recovery Treatment, $135, tatcha.com


To smooth wrinkles or even out skin tone, try applying retinol (a vitamin A derivative) 2-4 nights a week. Find a formula (like this one) with an effective but non-irritating amount of the miracle ingredient.

Try: Cle de Peau La Creme, $535, cledepeaubeaute.com


Essentially a sheet mask for your lips, these gels cover every inch of your mouth and force the hydrating serum to stay put—unlike regular balms that can disappear within minutes.

Try: Patchology Lip Mask, $50, patchology.com


Supplements and natural foods, like biotin or goji berry, promote healthy hair and skin from the inside out. Take them in pill form or, for a nightcap your doctor would approve, add a scoop of ayurvedic-inspired powder to a cup of tea before bedtime.

Try: Moon Juice Beauty Dust, $30, moonjuiceshop.com