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35 recipes for your tony-viewing party

get ready to toast the theatre with award-worthy treats!

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by Bailey Swilley

Show-themed apps, desserts, cocktails, and more to celebrate Broadway’s biggest night. Find your favorites, get to the grocery store, and prep your spread for a scrumptious, inspired night!

pop rocks rimmed cocktail (inspired by school of rock)
Pop Rocks are an awesome candy that give us elementary school nostalgia, much like this Tony nominee.

rock candy (inspired by school of rock)

Get it? Because you’re ready to rock?

psychedelic salad rolls (inspired by school of rock)

If rock candy serves as the rock, then let these healthy snacks be your roll (and your redemption for all the sugary stuff).

mermaid marshmallow pie  (inspired by waitress)
Marshmallow Mermaid Pie stole the show in the movie that inspired the Tony-nominated musical, so let it be the superstar at your party.

peaches and cream pie bars (inspired by waitress)
Inspired by Jenna’s Peachy Keen Tarts in Waitress.

mini cherry pies (inspired by waitress)

These adorable dessert will remind everyone “What Baking Can Do.”

potato and sausage pizza (inspired by the color purple)

Do not fear the carbs on this unusual pizza pie. Go toward the purple potatoes!

beet and goat cheese terrine (inspired by the color purple)

These babies are almost “Too Beautiful for Words.”

red cabbage steaks (inspired by the color purple)

One very healthy way to get your dietary dose of purple.

purple potato salad (inspired by the color purple)

It’s not a summer party without a potato salad, and it’s not a 2016 Tony viewing party without a purple one.

vegan purple sweet potato pie (inspired by the color purple)

Yes, another pie. But it’s too pretty (and purple) to pass up.

english cucumber and dill tea sandwiches (inspired by king charles iii)

Yes, we could get down with tea time if it always came with adorable bite-size sammies.

mini victoria sponge cakes (inspired by king charles iii)

King Charles III is as good a reason as any to dig into these sweet treats.

english scones (inspired by king charles iii)

They had us at “whipped butter.” Yum!

peach cobbler moonshine (inspired by bright star)
What do you do with a play that takes place in the Blue Ridge Mountains? Make moonshine!

the best buttermilk cornbread (inspired by bright star)

Soak up said moonshine with this country O.G.

parmesan cheddar basil bites (inspired by bright star)
Cheesy? Yes, in more ways than one.

watermelon “caprese” with balsamic glaze (inspired by bright star)

Yes, star-shaped food is still delicious even when it’s not July 4th.

vegan thanksgiving wraps (inspired by the humans)
  What better reason to eat Thanksgiving food in summer than a play that takes place on Thanksgiving?

pumpkin cheesecake soft-baked oreos (inspired by the humans)
Give thanks for this orange wonder!

oven baked turkey sandwiches (inspired by the humans)
Cranberry sauce, why can’t we have you all the time? These will be the highlight of your night (aside from the big live musical numbers, of course).

cassava coconut bread balls (inspired by eclipsed)
Celebrate Lupita Nyong’o’s Broadway debut in Eclipsed with this Liberian snack.

coconut sugar caramelized plantains (inspired by eclipsed)
Another West African treat to celebrate the nomination! Caramelized anything is great, but these deserve a Tony of their own.

salted toffee matzah (inspired by fiddler on the roof)
  Sure, these taste a bit like the holidays, but this is a holiday in the theatre world, so dig in!

sweet potato and butternut squash latkes (inspired by fiddler on the roof)
You don’t have to be a “rich man” to enjoy this comforting recipe.

lángos (inspired by she loves me)
She Loves Me takes place in Budapest. And we’ll take any excuse to enjoy some Hungarian fried bread!

hungarian kiffles  (inspired by she loves me)
Cream cheese, dough, and fruit? When can we go to Hungary?

chimney cake with nutella (kürtoskalács) (inspired by she loves me)
Nutella makes everything better and this traditional Hungarian street dessert is proof.

smoked rosemary oil dirty martini (inspired by shuffle along)
You don’t have to “Shuffle Along” to the bar to get a 1920s-inspired cocktail like this delish martini.

strike up the band cocktail (inspired by shuffle along)
Strike up a yummy mix of gin and St. Germaine for a jazz age drink that’ll knock your socks off.

the bee’s knees (inspired by shuffle along)
Sweeten things up with this classic cocktail of the pre-Prohibition era.

the schuyler sisters cocktail (inspired by hamilton)
This sweet and sour cocktail is playful and flirty, like the three memorable ladies in Hamilton. Work!

aaron burr milk punch (inspired by hamilton)
If you love a creamy cocktail, then you’ve got to try this variation inspired by the third Vice President of the United States.

the alexander hamilton cocktail (inspired by hamilton)
Bitters, rum, and whiskey make this historical libation one for the books.

my shot: an alexander hamilton cocktail (inspired by hamilton)
Toast the musical of the year (it’s safe to say that, right?) with a shot and nod to the show-stopping song.