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We don’t know about you, but pumpkin seeds bring back a distinct feeling from childhood. Carving pumpkins and roasting (and eating!) their insides was such a seasonal treat. Well, we have news for you. You don’t have to trade in your pumpkin seeds for a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Keep reading for 19 recipes perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert—all using pumpkin seeds.

chocolate covered roasted pumpkin seed turtle clusters

These treats are tastier than your average turtle clusters, because of the delicious addition of salted and roasted pumpkin seeds, of course. Talk about caramel-chocolatey fall-flavored goodness.

bacon roasted pumpkin seeds

Adding bacon to any dish will result in a better dish—roasted pumpkin seeds included. This recipe could not be any easier to make. All you need is a pumpkin, four strips of bacon, and some salt.

pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing and caramelized pumpkin seeds

Yep, those pumpkin seeds atop a decadent pumpkin cake (with a mandatory thick layer of cream cheese frosting) are caramelized. Not raw, not roasted, caramelized. (You can thank us later.)

vanilla pumpkin seed clusters

Both vegan and paleo, these healthy (and highly addictive) snacks are sure to be a crowd pleaser.

roasted garlic sage pesto pumpkin soup with spicy fried pumpkin seeds

The (spicy AND fried) pumpkin seed garnishes are great, but the real stunner is the roasted mini pumpkin bowl.

spiced pumpkin seed cranberry snack bars

Eat for breakfast with your PSL for a spicy pumpkin-filled morning. These bars mostly closely resemble healthier, homemade KIND bars.

hot honey and toasted pumpkin seed cheese ball

We are truly in awe of this sweet, savory, spicy, and cheesy recipe that is just as perfect for tailgating as it is an appetizer at your fancy holiday dinner party.

spiced honey roasted pumpkin seeds

Spicy and sweet, just how we like ’em. Add olive oil, honey, paprika, chili powder, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, and salt for an elevated pumpkin seed roasting experience.

pumpkin oat greek yogurt muffins

You can blend these healthy muffins together in less than five minutes using a blender or food processor. Five. Minutes (not including cook time, which is still only 20 minutes).

organic granola bowl

Make your own organic granola with rolled oats, raw agave syrup, cinnamon, raw pecans, pumpkin seeds, and hemp seeds for a delicious (and super healthy) breakfast bowl.

maple pumpkin fall harvest trail mix

This recipe involves boiling maple syrup and caramelizing your nuts (and seeds!)… So you know it’s good.

vegan pumpkin caramels

Date caramels, aka mouthwatering truffles, only require six ingredients, are naturally sweet, and are vegan and gluten-free! Which basically describes the perfect, guilt-free fall dessert.

tuscan kale, hemp, and pumpkin seed pesto

Never attempted to make your own pesto? It’s time. Simply blend eight ingredients (including pumpkin seeds) and enjoy.

pumpkin seed moringa cupcakes

Using super nutritious ingredients, including moringa powder (a vitamin-rich superfood!), this healthy cupcake makes your store bought versions seem way less exciting.

pumpkin seed power bars

Raw pumpkin seeds, dates, honey, and chia seeds are just a few of the healthy ingredients found in these power bars.

rye toasting bread with dried cherries and pumpkin seeds

Take the plunge and bake your very own loaf of bread this fall—this recipe is great for beginners!

chocolate-covered pumpkin seed brittle

Indulge in the flavors of fall with these pumpkin seed brittle bars. Simply gather pumpkin seeds, cardamom, sugar, pine nuts, dark chocolate, and Maldon sea salt and you’ll have yourself a sweet treat in no time.

harvest quinoa salad

Is there anything better than digging into a fresh, seasonal salad after a long weekend of noshing on seasonal baked goods? We think not, and this harvest quinoa salad is one of our faves for that very reason.

(Want more fall salad recipes? We have them!)

what i do for love bran muffins

Though this recipe is a bit more involved than others on our list, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest the time in these muffins that are packed with nutrients, but still light and fluffy.