Published on September 6, 2016

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Turning your oven on in the summer is a dreaded activity—making your already hot space even hotter is the worst. Which is why each year we look forward to the days when we turn our air conditioners off and the oven on. Keep reading for 23 recipes we can’t wait to roast up this fall.

roasted broccoli steaks with butter toasted pine nuts

Cauliflower steaks have been stealing the show as of late, but we’re still loyal to broccoli, one of our all-time favorite vegetables. Top yours with sea salt, parmesan, and pine nuts for added flavor.

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italian roasted vegetables

Throw a traditional mix of vegetables (or whatever you have on hand!), in a bowl with a mix of garlic, oregano, salt, rosemary, fresh basil, hot pepper flakes, olive oil, and a bit of BBQ sauce. Toss into the oven, and enjoy. 

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roasted eggplant with silan techina

Master the art of roasting eggplant—and adding the perfect sauce and garnishes atop. This recipe calls for a homemade tahini sauce, pomegranate arils, radishes, and scallions. 

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sheet pan honey mustard crusted salmon 

This particular salmon roast takes under thirty minutes to make and takes care of the main dish and sides all in one pan. Plus, we’re suckers for anything honey mustard. 

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roasted fig tart with orange blossom cinnamon and mint cream filling

Not all roasted recipes are required to be savory. Try this sweet, roasted fig tart for a change in flavors this fall. 

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roasted carrot salad with feta and dill

These roasted carrots sure beat the raw orange kind we’ve become accustomed to. The addition of feta, dill, honey, and dijon mustard makes for an interested flavor profile that will leave you wanting more. (Don’t worry, they’re healthy!)

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roasted baby artichokes and pearl onions

Who doesn’t love tiny-sized veggies? This recipe for baby artichokes calls for lots of lemon, pearl onions, and minced parsley for a flavorful dish we might just start making all the time. 

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savory dutch baby with roasted broccoli

A Dutch baby is traditionally more sweet, as it’s a German type of thick pancake. Not if you make it savory, though, and add some deliciously roasted broccoli.

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blood orange chicken

All you need for this appetizing (and SUPER straightforward) chicken recipe is two blood oranges, some soy sauce, honey, and chicken, obviously. We’ll be trying it the minute it gets cool enough to turn the a/c off.

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Photography by Alyssa Rosenheck

rosemary roasted turkey

Because we already have Thanksgiving on the brain… Read over this rosemary roasted turkey recipe to see how your stuffing compares. 

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Photography by PINCHOFYUM.COM

30-minute sesame roasted sweet potatoes

One can’t-miss vegetable that we really can’t help but roast year round is the sweet potato. Switch up your seasoning and try this sesame recipe.

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Photography by MYNAMEISYEH.COM

roasted grapes with sweet labneh

We love grapes, whether they’re refrigerated, frozen, fermented into wine, or even roasted. Labneh is basically a fancy way of saying you strain your own yogurt, which you are welcome to do. You can also buy Greek yogurt from the store, we won’t judge.

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Photography by PINCHOFYUM.COM

roasted tomatillo chicken and rice bowls

Though the main ingredients in this warm, mouthwatering chicken and rice bowl are not roasted, we had to include it. Roasting the tomatillos, poblanos, jalapeños, shallots, and garlic still counts for something, right?

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Photography by TWO RED BOWLS

roasted brussels sprouts, three ways

Everyone is obsessed with brussels sprouts for a reason—they’re delicious. Try Two Red Bowls‘ recipes for garlic-parmesan and spicy garlic cayenne seasonings and find your favorite before Thanksgiving rolls around. 

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slow-roasted beer and black pepper beef with root veg and pan gravy

This isn’t just any roast, it’s a five hour beef roast. Are you excited? We’re excited.

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Photography by FARING-WELL.COM

chili roasted corn with spelt berries, seared tofu, quick pickles, and arugula

Save the last of your summer sweet corn for the oven. Roast it directly on the grates (spices and all!) for a rich, roasted taste.

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butter basil roasted chicken

This one-pan recipe filled with chicken, apples, corn, and bacon has us wanting to run home to turn on our ovens—immediately. So many flavors, so little prep time involved. 

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roasted jerusalem artichokes

Jerusalem artichokes aren’t actually artichokes or potatoes, which they resemble more in taste. Try this tuber and prepare as a side dish for your next dinner party. They’re bound to be a built-in conversation starter.

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Photography by NICOLE FRANZEN

balsamic roasted baby beetroot

Take a risk and roast up some baby beetroot instead of your usual vegetable medley. 

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roasted vegetable pasta with sautéed kale and walnut pesto

Throw whatever vegetables you have laying around (hopefully that includes some butternut squash) into the oven, add to pasta, and mentally write a thank you note to The Kitchy Kitchen for this walnut pesto recipe.

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goat cheese toasts with balsamic and roasted tomatoes

Take your toast to the next level by adding roasted tomatoes (it only takes 20-25 minutes extra!).

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roasted sweet potato and chickpea salad

We love how salad toppings change with the season, and this is one we can’t seem to get off our minds. There’s masala-spiced chickpeas, a three-ingredient tahini dressing, and roasted sweet potatoes. Swoon.

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honey-jalapeño roasted acorn squash

Though butternut squash is definitely the most popular squash, this sweet and spicy acorn squash recipe might just change your mind… 

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