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When temperatures are blazing and the only thing you can think about is a frosty drink, your freezer better be stocked with plenty of ice cubes. Well, not necessarily ice cubes. In fact, the most satisfying ice of all is decidedly less rigid. Your ice should be crushed.

“Now hold on,” you might say. “I’m not going to spend a ton of money just for a crushed ice machine.” And you shouldn’t! Because, for just $12, you can make crushed ice anytime you want. Meet the crushed ice tray.

photography by cody guilfoyle

photography by cody guilfoyle

The way that it works is simple: Fill the silicone tray with water (or juice! or rosé! or tequila and mango puree!) and pop on the top. Allow it to freeze for a few hours. Once the liquid is set, remove the lid and twist the tray. Its thin ridges will release the ice into crushed clumps that make cocktails, soda, and spa water even more refreshing. Plus, the fragments look really cool.

Crushed ice has a greater surface area, so it melts faster and therefore will cool your drinks faster. This is great if you’re simply pouring it into a glass of water. But if you’re putting it into a cocktail, heed this warning and follow this piece of advice: Make your drink a little bit stronger to accommodate for the meltage.

So anyone want mojitos?

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Peak Ice Works Silicone Crushed Ice Tray, W&P ($12)

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