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It’s high time punch got a refresh, wouldn’t you say? The retro party staple has seen its share of reinventions in years past but hardly anything too noteworthy—until now. Cue chef Camille Becerra, who served us the ultimate redux: A vibrant rendition comprised of melons and a generous splash of bubbly.

The idea is a collaboration between Domino creative director Kate Berry and Becerra. The goal: to create a recipe that would remain fairly neutral, pair effortlessly well with wine, but also work as a stand-alone refreshment. Becerra froze fresh fruit puree and then took it a step further by filling variously sized, round ice molds with the mixture in lieu of traditional cubes. The result is a colorful polka dot effect anchored by a medley of rich aromatic flavor profiles. Equal parts sweet and fizzy, it’s the perfect feel-good libation. 

Ahead, Becerra gives us the lowdown for the foolproof recipe. 

Photography by Belle Morizio

Melon Ball Punch

Peel and cut the melon into 1 to 2-inch-sized cubes—Becerra used a whole cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon in hers. Puree each melon individually in a blender. If the mixture seems a bit thick, you may need to add very small amounts of water to keep the blades moving effortlessly. Fill variously-sized ice molds with the melon purees and freeze them overnight.  

Photography by Belle Morizio

When you’re ready to serve, fill a glass punch bowl (a round, deep vase works too if you’re in a pinch) halfway with chilled sparkling wine or white wine—Becerra recommends Prosecco—or chamomile tea for a non-alcoholic version. Garnish with the frozen melon balls and enjoy!

Photography by Belle Morizio

Make it at home

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