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By Bailey Swilley

There’s nothing not to love about Nutella. We’re the kind of people that buy it in the “family size” container even though we are fully aware we won’t be sharing. While nothing can replace the original, we wondered if there were other “nutellas” out there that might be just as delightful. Turns out, there are. We’ve got 20 spreads, butters, and dips you’ll love indulging in this fall. First up:

homemade nutella

You can totally whip up your own chocolate hazelnut spread, sans all the extra unnecessary ingredients. Let this recipe by Simply Designing be your guide!

dark chocolate hazelnut spread

Not into milk chocolate? No problem! Take a cue from Beach Body and go dark.

four-ingredient vegan nutella

This recipe proves that there’s no need for milk when you make your own Nutella… especially if you have a food processor.

Find the recipe via minimalist baker.

homemade paleo nutella

Coconut oil makes this perfect for followers of the caveman diet (and lovers of coconut, in general).
Find the recipe via paleo grubs.

homemade cookie butter

Love speculoos butter? Make your own with this easy recipe by Wine and Glue. This stuff just tastes like the holidays.

matcha macadamia nut butter

The matcha craze has no limits, it seems. Dive right into it with this Matcha Macadamia Nut Butter by Eat. Thrive. Glow. 

healthy low-carb cake batter spread

If you’re a big birthday cake fan, this stuff is for you. Protein powder, nut butter, and pure maple syrup make it a little more nutritious than usual.

Find the recipe via the big man’s world.


Not feeling dairy? No problem. This recipe mixes medjool dates, hazelnuts, and cocoa powder for a delicious, thick paste you’ll love spreading on fruits and breads.

Find the recipe via the greedy vegan.

white chocolate candy cane cashew butter

We never thought cashews and candy canes would taste so good together, but hey, you learn something new every day.

Find the recipe via the kitchen paper.

fluffy s’mores dip

Get the taste of a fun campfire wherever you are with this yummy cloud of heaven.

Find the recipe via homemade hooplah.

baileys chocolate chip dip

Everyone’s favorite boozy decadence mixed with chocolate chips? Sign us up!

Find the recipe via lemon tree dwelling.

pistachio and white chocolate spread

Like pistachio ice cream you can spread anywhere.

Find the recipe via le miam miam blog.

red velvet cake batter dip

If you’ve got an undying love for red velvet, then go ahead and dip everything in it.

Find the recipe via jen’s favorite cookies.

cookie dough dip

There’s no actual cookie dough in here, but it doesn’t matter. This recipe combines chocolate chips, toffee, and cream cheese. CREAM CHEESE!

Find the recipe via belly full.

homemade white chocolate peanut butter

Taking it back to the O.G. spread (peanut butter) for the ultimate tempting treat.

Find the recipe via fresh april flours.

macadamia white chocolate maple spread

If you’re a fan of the white chocolate macadamia nut cookie, then meet your new favorite recipe.

Find the recipe via the healthy foodie.

chocolate espresso hazelnut butter

Need a little boost with your chocolate spread? Hello, espresso!

Find the recipe via lemons for lulu.

cinnamon honey butter

This isn’t too similar to Nutella, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to try this ASAP.

Find the recipe via the food charlatan.

caramelized white chocolate

Ooh, the phrases “caramelized” and “white chocolate” just made us very excited to dig into Will Cook For Friends’ recipe.

Find the recipe via will cook for friends.

cookies and cream cookie butter

It’s everyone’s favorite cookie and ice cream flavor, so it was only a matter of time until someone figured this recipe out.

Find the recipe via the cookie rookie