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With the end of summer drawing near, most of us are savoring these last few sun-drenched days of golden complexions, beach reads, and clam bakes. But unfortunately, all good things have to end—or do they? Imagine seasons of change, sans seasonal specialties.

At least, that’s what Bart Stein—former software techie and recent froyo entrepreneur and founder—thought when he started his company, Wim Yogurt. Stein says he created the company with freshness in mind—“The pre-packaged yogurt you find at your local grocery store is a fundamentally unfresh product. They sit there for months at a time,” he says. “What we’ve done is built and designed something that is fresh and meant to be eaten when it’s made.”

Wim provides organic, farm-fresh flavored bowls in tasty concoctions like brownie batter, cinnamon toast, and passion fruit. But wait—there’s more. Wim also offers vegan options via a coconut-based blend, in recipes like chocolate peanut butter cup and banana bread.

Jena Derman, chief culinary officer,  is the brains behind Wim’s creamy, tasty concoctions. To keep them fresh, she utilizes thermoelectric flash-freezing and smart thermal arc software—which sounds complicated, to say the least. “For us, frozen yogurt is as much a weather specialty as it is a delicious year-round snack or breakfast-time meal,” says Jena Derman when asked about what enticed her to leave her post at Momofuku Milk Bar and link up with Stein instead. “It’s to be enjoyed 365 days a year.”

So, when Jena stopped by the Domino test kitchen, we obviously jumped at the occasion to try the fresh creations. Ten minutes is all it takes to mix up the ingredients in a Wim appliance—a sleek, almost silent, space-conscious machine—which means the only issue you have is which Wim bowl to choose. You can also add any milk of your choice. Then, press Wim’s single button—and you’re done.

Now, one month in, the frozen yogurt startup is garnering the attention of curious households, millennials, and small offices as the ultimate one-button wonder—think the direct-to-consumer convenience of Casper repackaged in a Nespresso-sized kitchen appliance. Later this year, Wim will also be partnering up with Amazon to make ordering online even easier.

Wim also takes great care to be sustainable—everything is 100 percent recyclable. Almost all of the ingredients are sourced from certified organic farms located in upstate New York, and all of the hardware is manufactured in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Plus, Wim contains 30 percent less sugar than its frosty competitors Pinkberry and Talenti.

Wim Appliances are available at Wim for $299,  and come with a five-pack starter kit of bowls. Wim bowl re-ups are available for purchase in packs of five ($16.99), 10 ($31.99), and 20 ($59.99); and are all customizable.

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