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by Michelle Gage

Finding the perfect present for the person who has everything is no small feat. We have wrangled the top thirty-five outstanding books to give your brother, best friend, or S.O., or anyone really. These are book we are certain they don’t already own, but will proudly display on their coffee table. Gift this book to the soon-to-be Wes Anderson enthusiast in your life, who will appreciate the director’s use of symmetry and color. This colorful coffee table staple will bring wonder and magic into everyday life. 

If you know someone with a green thumb (or one in training), this is a golden gift. This book provides wise words on how to include and care for greenery in your home.

This book is for the aspiring designer or stylist, of course. It would also make a great addition to a coffee table typically adorned in art books.

Raise your hand if you have a hard time selecting gifts for your “Type A” best friend. Bestow upon her a present she can truly relate to. Things Organized Neatly will keep her inspired for hours.

Display this book proudly on your living room table. View the wondrous paintings of Monet’s gardens, oceans, fields, and other scenes of nature.

We are big fans of blogger-turned-author

Emily Schuman

. Under the title Cupcakes and Cashmere, Emily writes about fashion, food, and family. In this book, she shares her enthusiasm for home decorating and provides tips on how to infuse style into your own home.

If home renovations are your thing, this is the book for you. This visual exploration of architecture in New York is going to tempt you to keep it!

This is the perfect present for your favorite French film enthusiast. The visuals within the stunning collection capture the heart of filmmaking in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Do you have a particularly nosey friend? If they enjoy taking a peek into the homes of famous artists and musicians, this book was made for them. Thirty exclusive profiles will keep them gawking for hours.

It is time to start cultivating your collecting style. This book will help you to curate your shelving through the act of treasure hunting.

Give this gift to the budding fashion blogger in your life. Roommates, siblings, and friends alike will love it.

This book is a great hostess present. It teaches the reader how to dream big and host happily. This charming book covers everything from the guest list to the table settings.

We like to think of art as one of the most important layers of your home. This book allows you to see how professional contemporary artists incorporate and style their personal collections in their own homes.

Dive deep into magical waters and go on a visual experience of coastlines, barrier reefs, and island chains.

If your parents are attempting to achieve a crisp and clean interior, this book is for them. Give them a book that shares stories of creating tailored homes.

Did your hipster brother-in-law tell you about his new brewing side hustle? If so, show him that you care about his attempt to make craft beer by gifting him a book that shows him just how it is done.

Congratulate your coworker, who just got a new job in the big city, by passing along a book that further ignites her excitement. She will be sure to think of you as she turns these painted pages.

We all aspire to appear put together. Natalie Holbrook shows you just how easy it can be, in her book about balancing it all with style.

Bahamas-based interior designer, India Hicks, puts all of her island style into one perfectly curated coffee table book. Delight the bohemian homemaker in your life with a copy of their own.

There is no doubt that macaroons have staying power. They are not only colorful and cute, but are also delightful and delicious. Show the promising pastry chef in your life how to make their own.

We like to cook with all of the colors of the rainbow. Perhaps we are a bit biased, but a book about creating colorful meals is one everyone should love.

Classic American style is the main topic in this perfect coffee table book. It’s your best bet for the preppy person in your life.

Treat your blossoming interior designer daughter to a book on classic home décor. This book captures more than forty years of the finest home styling.

This is the perfect gift for the high school graduate who is headed off to art school. Where’s Warhol is a funny take on the classic Where’s Waldo.

View the celebrated works of one of the more prestigious English-style interior designers of our day.

Gain insight into how colors combine with luck and fortune. Understand the meanings that colors have and how they can relate to your daily life.

Diana Vreeland is a fashion icon who dared to be different. Brighten the day of your best friend by giving her a book that shows her that you celebrate her eccentricities.

Pass this book along to anyone with a passion for hosting.

If your mother-in-law is all about bringing the outdoors in, this is the book for her. Designer and blogger Lauren Liess is a master of just that!

If they love the clothes, they will love the book. Gift your favorite pal a present filled with color and pattern.

There is no denying the thrill you get when landing that fabulous flea market find. Lara Spencer captures that vibe in her book about decorating with vintage pieces.

Provide a creative outlet for your favorite coworker. This book is for the DIY-lover in your life.

Original textile patterns are put out seasonally by Allegra Hicks. Hop into her vibrant mind with this “can’t-put-me-down” read.

Bestow this gift upon the charming tea addict you know.

Set out on an adventure with Kate and the crew. Step into the colorful travel-focused world that this book has to offer.