Published on September 29, 2016

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Photography by @LOREEEMEDINA

It’s been years since domino’s first book hit shelves (and coffee tables) everywhere, but domino fans (you, hi!) delight us every day with Instagram images featuring this inspiring title. We’ve rounded up a few of our absolute favorites here. Make sure you’re tagging yours with #dominobook and #SOdomino! 


Here, our book keeps good company with creative supplies for who knows what you’ll dream up! 

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Photography by @ILARDELIZA


Our favorite spot? Next to a collection of all the domino issues, of course! 

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Photography by @MEGGYTURBIDE


We crave color just as much as the next book! 

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Hanging out with some of our favorite titles in this stack of awesome. 

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Photography by @ARTEFFECT


We’re so pleased to spy our book as part of this perfectly color coordinated tableau. 

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Photography by @UNDECORATED_HOME


This is probably our ideal end-of-workday scenario. Feet up, book open! 

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Photography by @ERINKESTENBAUM


Don’t mind us while we party with these guys. PS: The friend who has a gold elephant collection is officially your coolest friend. 

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Photography by @DOORSIXTEEN


This is a serious shelf party. And on the last slide, you’ll find a very exciting title to add to yours! 

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We’re so proud to be paired against a backdrop this fun. Perfect as an accent wall in a little one’s room, don’t you think? 

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A vintage chair + geometric end table make for a perfect pair. We could spend quite a bit of time in this corner.

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A very welcome sight, we’d imagine this stack perfectly perched in an entryway. 

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Photography by @OMNADECO


We love being in good company. The New Bohemians is one of our faves and both books feel so at home (ha, get it?) nestled between tea and a prim succulent collection. 

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Photography by @DOMINO

And then there’s the new one! Our new book, Domino: Your Guide To A Stylish Home, arrives November 15th (but you can pre-order yours via the link below!), and we couldn’t be more excited/proud. Expect to find plenty of inspiration and advice on not just styling your home, but styling it in a way that makes it feel like you

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