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We’re bookworms. We love a good read, a good flip-through, and certainly a good coffee table book. We’ve noticed a trend lately and can’t help but call it out. There are so many kid-inspired books for adults! Here, we’ll discuss a few standouts, while there are still plenty of holiday shopping days left to snag them.

Things I’ve Said To My Children

Anyone in need of a good laugh (or several) will appreciate this book. Leave it on the coffee table during a dinner party and you won’t be able to stop guests from reading it aloud. One of the funniest reads we’ve seen in 2015, or any year.  Buy it here!

Vive Le Color! India

One trend that team domino can’t stop talking about is coloring books for grown ups. We’ve been known to take afternoon breaks among their pages, quietly staying in the lines and relaxing. They’re said to be wonderful stress relievers, and we can’t help but agree.  Buy it here!

Design the Life You Love: A Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Meaningful Future

Anyone who struggles with journalling or life planning should look into this. Essentially a workbook for getting your act together, this book is so interactive and fun you won’t notice you’re actually working toward something stellar.  Buy it here!

Hipster Animals: A Field Guide

How can you not, really? Give the gift of a good laugh to your favorite creative professional. You won’t regret it, and they won’t re-gift it.  Buy it here!

The Superhero Comic Kit

This is cool. You’ll actually be guided through the process of creating your own comic! Definitely one of the more kid-focused options on the list, this just-for-fun item is a win for any budding artist. And there are stickers. Did we mention the stickers?  Buy it here!

Where’s Karl?: A Fashion-Forward Parody

Earlier in the year, we let you know about Where’s Karl, our current literary BFF. Akin to the Where’s Waldo books of our youth, this epic search takes Uncle Karl on a world of adventure. Go find him! Buy it here!

Deep Dark Fears

A must-read, this book features reader-submitted fears sent in to the author’s tumblr. It’s wild (and hilarious) what can scare us most.  Buy it here!

The Time Chamber: A Magical Story and Coloring Book

Can you tell we’re really into this coloring thing? This option actually takes you through a story, allowing you to color the images along the way.  Buy it here!

Who Built That? Modern Houses: An Introduction to Modern Houses and Their Architects 

If blueprints confuse you, you’re not alone. This book breaks down modern architecture in a visual and literary way adults and kids alike can jive with.  Buy it here!