Published on June 22, 2015

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Photography by @youngadventuress

Circle the globe in no more than a coffee break. Instagram is a lot more than cute dogs and fancy burger photos. It's going to inspire your next vacation, too. 

First up, Liz Carlson knows how to make you feel like you're there. Get lost in more of her adventures at @youngadventuress.

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Photography by @passionpassport

Dive into an entire community of travel photos. This will result in an impuslive plane ticket purcahse. (And that's okay). 

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Photography by @justtravelous

It seems as though Yvonne Zagermann never stops moving. And with photos like these, you won't want her to. 

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Photography by @kirstenalana

We're pretty sure we've found our new Instagram BFF. (And we're hoping she needs a new travel buddy!)

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Photography by @jeffonline

These images will transport you. It's inevitable. 

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Photography by @aladyinlondon

You won't be able to double tap these photos fast enough. Your dream vacation has an itinerary now. 

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Photography by @legalnomads

This former lawyer is now accumulating the travel diary entries of our dreams. Embrace the envy.

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Photography by @canvasoflight

Daniel Nahabedian actually takes the trips you've been talking about. Take cue from him and make plans. 

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Photography by @jhecktictravels

This globetrotting couple defines relationship goals. 

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Photography by @hirozzzz

Hiroaki Fukuda takes any (every!) landscape and makes it his own. Don't miss his collection of absolutely perfect views.