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We’re always inspired by innovation, creativity, and design. The Kickstarter projects in this story hit all three. If you’re the kind of problem-solver that gets inspired by everyday solutions, read on for some of the coolest, most useful, most inspiring Kickstarters we’ve seen in awhile. 

Bookworms rejoice! One of the most beautifully designed shelves we’ve ever seen was made with you in mind. Part shelf, part light, part bookmark, LiliLite is as beautiful as it is genius. We’ll take one for each side of the bed, thanks!

Shaker 33
The cocktail shaker was patented in 1884, and has stayed basically the same since. Doesn’t that seem weird? The team at Shaker 33 certainly thought so, and created a shaker that…shakes things up! The pieces never get stuck together, there’s no spillage all over your bar, and you can say goodbye to frozen hands. (It looks pretty cool, too!).

Whackpack Furniture
It’s not just fun to say, Whackpack Furniture is pretty genius, too. Anyone who spent their 20’s losing little Ikea bolts around the house will be in love with Whackpack. Whackpack is minimalist, practical furniture that you literally put together by whacking with a mallet. (They give you a mallet). This one also wins major points for Kickstarter video creativity. Must watch.

Frankfurter Brett
If nothing else, please watch this Kickstarter video for the rad twins who designed this product. They don’t dissapoint. What they also do is introduce you to a much better way to prep your meals at home. This cutting board comes with practically placed bins for prepped food, waste, and even tools that you’d usually leave lying around, dirtying up your counters. This is next-level home chef stuff, for sure.

I’ve never been so mesmerized by an article of clothing. The BauBax jacket (which comes in sweatshirt, windbreaker, bomber, and blazer), is a travel jacket unlike any in existence. You think you know utility pockets–but you don’t. Watch the video and freak out the moment you realize this jacket has a cupholder.