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I’ve recently returned from a trip to The Greenbrier in West Virginia. Every time I visit this historic hotel, I return more in awe of the design work there by Dorothy Draper and Carleton Varney.

The Greenbrier was where I first recognized the power of interiors. The spaces aren’t simply decorated; they are each works of art.  Each room overflows with color, pattern, and whimsical beauty.  

My favorite thing about Drapery and Varney’s interiors here are that they make you smile. They are so light hearted, happy, and playful that they take your eyes and mind on a vacation. 

Although no one masters pattern and color like these two talented designers, I know there are important lessons woven through their beautiful rooms.

First, their work inspires me to not take spaces (or myself!) too seriously; while I might not choose white and pink stripes in my next bedroom, I can remember to have fun and make decorating choices that make me smile. 

Their designs should also remind us all to take risks! Some of the

best design

decisions are ones that are unexpected.

Lastly, these two talented designers encourage us all to never stop exploring!  There are so many talented designers out there. And when we travel (whether we physically go places or look through magazines and books), we learn so much about ourselves by learning from others.

 We are all continually shaping our eye and discovering looks that we love! So get out there, and be bold in your design choices. And if all else fails remember, in true Draper style, stripes are always a good idea! 

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