4th of july decorating ideas

Kristina Lindhe of Lexington Clothing Company on the art of setting the 4th of July dinner table.

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Whether your idea of celebrating involves a lavish beach setup or a casual backyard gathering, elevate your 4th of July fete with these simple tips. 

Keep the table setting together with a theme or a color. I recommend you go for a fun and whimsical print, like the lobster print on our napkins from our Summer ’15 Collection. It makes the whole setting seem less strict and more fun!

Feel free to mix old and new items, it brings a certain charm and atmosphere. 

Don’t do all the work yourself – have your guests bring different courses, potluck style!

Avoid tall flowers and too advanced center pieces. It only looks contrived and your guests should be able to see each other across the table. Instead, pick wild flowers and make several smaller bouquets. Candles are always great, but avoid too big and advanced candlesticks.

Don’t forget to supply plenty of shade!

Have a great evening!