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You say “matzo;” I say “matzah.” Any way you say or spell it, you’ll be eating lots of it during Passover. With many traditional breads and grains on the No-No List, matzo becomes a staple during this annual week-long tradition. Good thing it’s amazingly versatile. As these 10 dishes prove, matzo can stand in for pizza crust, lasagna noodles, and more, and it adds its own unique flavor and texture. You won’t even miss your go-to bready standbys once you expand your matzo palate and try these recipes.

Matzo Brei Eggs Benedict

What a luscious, decadent breakfast for a week when your have to obsessively read labels and do without some of your traditional breakfast favorites. Poached eggs sit atop a bed of matzo brei mixed with asparagus. Layered with lox, generously drizzled with homemade Hollandaise sauce, and sprinkled with fresh parsley, this flavorful and filling dish will keep you satiated for hours.

Mushroom and Caramelized Onion Matzo Lasagna

Not your typical red sauce-slathered lasagna, this Passover-approved version features three types of cheese along with an abundance of caramelized onions and sautéed mushrooms. The creamy decadence will make you scoff at those who ask, “isn’t it so hard to keep Passover?”

French Toast Matzo With Dill Cream Cheese

This savory version of French toast has fresh dill and cream cheese. A hearty, stick-to-your-ribs “sandwich” you can eat any time for any meal of the day (and that sort of resembles a grilled cheese), this tasty treat may even squash your bagel and schmear yearnings during Passover, especially if you add a few pieces of lox.

Matzah Pizza Six Ways

If plain old matzah pizza feels a little overdone, give these awesome and creative toppings from The Little Ferraro Kitchen a whirl. Choose from a puttanesca, a French version with brie, figs, and arugula, a Thai option loaded with veggies and a curry spread, a twist on huevos rancheros, a sumptuous Mediterranean-inspired open-faced sandwich, or a sweet purple sweet potato option that’s inspired by Hawaiian cuisine. Or maybe don’t choose—tantalize your taste buds by trying one each day of Passover.

Matzah Nachos

File this recipe under why didn’t I think of this? Matzah makes an easy, crunchy swap for tortilla chips. Pile the baked matzah “chips” with cheese, pico de gallo, cilantro, guac, beans, and any other ingredients that you consider essential for nachos. These nachos are super kid-friendly as well as being an awesome weekday night dish or snack that comes together in minutes.

Passover Bagels

Some Passover-friendly recipes are sad facsimiles of “the real thing” and not worth bothering. These bagels, however, are delicious. Top with poppy seeds or minced onion or, for a sweeter version, sprinkle with cinnamon. Carb craving satisfied!

Matzoh Brei Breakfast Sandwich

This is the matzoh brei breakfast sandwich of your dreams: eggy, gooey, chewy, and piled with some garlicky sautéed kale and smeared with a little ricotta. Boomwelloh is another name for patties made from matzo brei, and it’s a lot more fun to say.

Spinach, Feta, and Artichoke Matzo Mina

A mina is a type of layered pie, similar to lasagna, that has Sephardic roots and can be filled with a variety of ingredients. This Greek-inspired version is an inviting and Passover-friendly way to celebrate flavors of spring. Layered with a delicious blend of cheeses, spinach, scallions, herbs, and spices as well as sautéed artichokes, it’s a lighter, vegetarian-friendly dish that can easily be the main attraction at your seder.

Egg Drop Matzo Ball Soup

This recipe combines the comfort food flavors of egg drop soup with Passover favorite matzo ball soup. A bunch of green onions give this soup some extra pep and spice, while the eggs make it a more substantial starter (or even a light main). This dish isn’t traditional to begin with, so we’d love to add some shredded carrots and perhaps a few sliced mushrooms or shredded cabbage. Sub potato starch for cornstarch if you avoid corn on Passover.

Spinach Kugel

A little matzo meal adds some heft to this veg-tastic kugel. Savory spinach kugel is one of those seder options that always manages to disappear before you can even take a second serving. If your family celebrates multiple religions, you can easily bring it for Easter brunch, too