Published on January 19, 2016

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Photography by Simple Bites

Cook ‘em, bake ‘em, whip ‘em — this underrated and underused veggie is quite versatile — and delicious! So what do you say, ready to partake in parsnips? 

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Photography by Vodka & Biscuits

spiced parsnips muffins

Make a sweet and filling breakfast that you can eat on the go. Just remember to drizzle some honey on top and you’re all set for a great day. 

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Photography by Pure Ella

potato & parsnip healthier latkes

Love latkes but hate overloading on carbs? Replace some of the potato in the recipe with parsnips for a slightly sweet taste. 

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Photography by A House in the Hills

paprika parsnip fries

Love getting fries at Sunday brunch? Make a new year-friendly batch with parsnips. Paprika and a creamy sauce make it your new favorite “indulgence.”

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Photography by Feasting at Home

parsnip gratin with gruyere and thyme

Feeding a family of picky eaters? The cheese on this ooey gooey baked dish might do the trick. These veggies were never so kid-friendly. 

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Photography by eat in my kitchen

herbed polenta with parsnip chips and maple butter

This gorgeous dish mixes rich flavors for a warm and cozy snack. Enjoy them by the fire with a book or with your friends at your next Downton Abbey viewing party. (They taste good with The Bachelor, too)!

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Photography by Bare Root Girl

sausage muffins with whipped parsnips Yes, we said whipped. Next time you’re hosting friends, impress them with this meaty version of a cupcake! 

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Photography by Rachel Lacy

slow cooker parsnip-cauliflower puree with roasted garlic

Are mashed potatoes your favorite? It’s probably because you haven’t tasted these babies yet. Your slow cooker is all you need for a decadent and fluffy parsnip and cauliflower puree. 

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Photography by Ali Maffucci

parsnip noodle chive waffles

Love your weekend waffles? Try a savory version with this recipe from Inspiralized. Just stick parsnip noodles (made with a spiralizer) in a waffle iron and ta-da! Breakfast is ready.

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Photography by Meatified

ginger garlic parsnip noodles

Instead of the crispy fried noodles you love in Asian-style salads (you know what little devils we’re talking about), opt for a healthier crunch with parsnips!

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Photography by Green Kitchen Stories

spiced parsnip cake

Looking for something a little different than your typical zucchini or banana bread? Try this cake recipe, full of your favorite winter flavors and spices, like orange zest and clove.