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If the only kind of bowl game that concerns you is deciding which will to take center stage in your next tablescape, this is the slideshow for you. Ahead, you’ll find some of our favorite vessels that simply can’t wait to join your (decor) team.

Some bowls are simply lovely.

Some bowls can’t make up their minds.

Some bowls are triangles, really.

Some bowls are show-offs.

Some bowls are both beauty and brains.

Some bowls are quite striking and proud.

Some bowls are odd, but beautiful.

Some bowls just live for compliments, you know?

Some bowls want the whole family to come over.

Some bowls appreciate the classics.

Some bowls stick together.

Some bowls are quite fancy, really.

Some bowls want you to enjoy a lovely carbonara.

And some bowls know that life’s more fun with friends.