It may be the dead of winter, but it’s comforting to know that there are millions of plants blossoming in the warmth of a beautiful greenhouse. Here’s a look at some of our favorite greenhouse photography on Instagram from around the world.

photo by @the_mustard_dandelion

@reenbeean Commissary in Los Angeles is a greenhouse club inside a swanky Hollywood hotel. Here you can eat among the plants, or sip on a flavorful carrot juice.


@plantron3000 Greenhouses dedicated to succulents are some of our favorite. Wild and colorful, nothing compares to a desert inspired garden.

@en_tradgard_pa_osterlen The owners of this greenhouse made it more people-friendly with the addition of two large red chairs — the perfect spot to enjoy a morning coffee or take an afternoon cat nap.

@design.whatinspiresme The greenhouse extension would make a great addition to any New England home. The glass windows will protect any gardener’s plants from the harsh winter winds and heavy piles of snow, while maintaining a constant dose of sunlight.

@jonathantimarphoto There is almost nothing more stylish than a house made completely out of glass — unless of course that house is then filled to the brim with vibrant greenery and vividly colored flowers.


@nyrosendal Let’s take a minute to admire the structural beauty of this Victorian greenhouse. Reminiscent of a barn, this greenhouse is home to hundreds of flora, rather than fauna.

@onahazymorning The spiral staircase in this greenhouse will let your ascend to gain a birds-view for the plants, or descend into the tangles of the greenery.

@ek7sg Climbing skyward, the ivy in this greenhouse dome know no bounds — slowly decorating every tree, pole and pipe in their quest to reach the sun.

@bc_greenhouses Hanging plants add another dimension to this fern-filled greenhouse.


@shadowofapollo Welcome to the jungle, where all your #plantgoals can come true.

@hannahmr This magnificent greenhouse is large enough to accommodate nearly a hundred palm trees, multiple hanging artworks, and a few dozen Greek-inspired statues.

@starvinterior This floral-obsessed restaurant lets you dine under the vines in the coziest plant-patterned chairs.

@xnuryx We love the geometric design of this oversized greenhouse.