Published on February 3, 2016

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Photography by @KENDALLJENNER

The reality star-turned-model recently took to her app to share her favorite piece of furniture in her apartment. Surprisingly, it’s an indoor hammock

She wrote, “When I was in Paris for the last set of shows, I noticed a hammock inside one of my friend’s places and I fell in love with the idea SO hard!”

Uh, yeah. Of course you did, Kendall!

She continued, “I had to cop her style—so I had mine custom-made by the same French artist. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in decorating and I highly recommend it!”

In other news, the hammock is located in her breakfast nook (we’re just a tiny bit jealous). If you don’t have a hammock OR [%365%] read on for 10 expertly styled rooms to fill the hammock-sized hole in your heart. (We know what we’d put in our dream spare room).

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Photography by CATESTHILL.COM

This minimalist room feels right up Kendall’s alley.

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Rustic, tie dye, and perfect. (Mixing prints is our favorite).

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A reading nook feels equally as chic as a breakfast nook.

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Photography by SARA & RICH COMBS

The natural colors and textures of this room make adding a hammock feel natural.

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Photography by MYCAKIES.COM

Just add greenery to add a bohemian feel.

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If this room doesn’t look relaxing, I don’t know what does.

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Though this is more of a swing, we’re certain it is still just as comfortable.

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Photography by DECOIST.COM

Light hammock > Heavy sofa.

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Photography by THEROOMEDIT.COM

The pattern of this hammock packs an extra punch in a room already filled with color.

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Photography by MESSAGENOTE.COM

The soft textures added on top of this hammock makes it the number one coziest looking place to take a nap.