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14 spare room ideas for your “someday” space

15 creative ideas for spare rooms.

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An entire room used as a dream closet? What about a huge space for a master bath? Here are 15 creative ideas for spare rooms, from luxurious to practical.

a dreamy “bath”-room

If you have access to water in your spare room, how about making it into the master bathroom of your dreams? Fill your space with sheepskin rugs, plenty of candles and a timeless clawfoot tub for ultimate relaxation. There’s nothing better than a cozy place to rinse off the day’s stress and unwind.

a meditation room

Creating a meditation room is great if your space has plenty of natural light. Add some soft floor pillows and a calming water fountain to create a place where you can sit, stretch and clear your mind right in your own home. We promise you won’t want to leave this room.

an exercise room

With an exercise room, you no longer have the “I can’t make it to the gym” excuse. No need for a ton of fancy equipment, just fill it with weights, some resistance bands, and an elliptical, or treadmill. Add a giant mirror and you got yourself one seriously convenient space to get fit.

chic home bar

Bar cart just not cutting it? Why not showcase all your liquid goods in a fancy at-home bar? Perfect for entertaining guests, this idea is great for the hostess with an extra entertaining room. Imagine all the decorating possibilities!

spacious laundry room

Tired of your cramped laundry area and want more space to get it done? Consider your very own spacious laundry room. You can easily create sleek cabinets to house all your laundry products, sewing machine and ironing equipment. This is truly the organized-person’s dream room.

relaxing reading nook

Sometimes a small space where you can escape to read or listen to your favorite music is all you need. Experiment using calming paint colors and your favorite artwork, which will help to create a space that’s truly yours.  This is also the perfect opportunity to purchase that comfy chair you’ve been eyeing.

an expansive coat closet

A drool-worthy use of extra square footage to display your threads is every girl’s dream. Complete the room with a full length mirror, a feminine settee and plenty of open storage for shoes and accessories. Carrie Bradshaw approves.

boho at-home theater

You can create the ultimate movie-watching experience for you and your guests by turning your spare room into a bohemian theater. Complete the room with lanterns, a giant sofa, and plenty of throw pillows.

organized craft room

If DIY’ing is your thing, you’re going to need space for all your creations. Enter the organized craft room. A place to house all your wrapping paper, stationery, and anything else that you use for hobbies. This is the perfect opportunity to make your own “you”-room.

moody modern library

Channel your inner intellectual by using your spare room for a sultry library. Imagine, floor to ceiling shelving for easy access to all of your favorite books. Choosing dark wall colors will help you get lost in your imagination and feel like you are in another world. This room is also the perfect excuse to add more books to your collection.

grown-up game room

This isn’t your average game room. It’s organized, refined and gender-neutral. Whether you enjoy billiards or arcade games, there is always a way to keep guests entertained with this room. The big screen TV is a must for sports games or some Netflix binge-watching with your girlfriends. Game on!

kid’s playroom

Create the playroom of your kid’s dreams with pops of color, an activity table and plenty of room for lounging around watching movies. How cute are these pint-size furniture accents? Here, there are no rules when it comes to decorating this room!

indoor pool

Now this is what dreams are made of. Imagine converting an empty room to an urban oasis complete with a heated pool or spa. Entertain guests, exercise and soak in what could possibly be the most eye-catching of the list. We wouldn’t mind lounging by this pool!

social green room

Bring the outside in and fill your spare room with gorgeous greenery- the more the better. This modern greenhouse takes on a new purpose allowing you to entertain guests while being surrounded by nature, right in your own home. Green thumbs rejoice!